Live Service for Palm Sunday

Click here to view the video of the service that was streamed live on Palm Sunday 2020.

Here are a few links to songs and videos to continue your worship this morning.

We are very lucky to have a special performance by Liz Chappell’s family, recorded for us today to enjoy.

Hymns and Songs and other links for Palm Sunday:

“All glory, laud and hour” – John Wesley – with Lyrics

“Rejoice the Lord is King” – Charles Wesley – BBC Songs of Praise with Lyrics

“Servant King” – by Graham Kendrick – played and sung by the Davies family (Trevor, Katie, Hugh, Toby and Ollie) – Liz and Tony Chappell’s grandsons – Home recorded and for which we are very grateful:

Original – recorded live by Graham Kendrick back in 1996 at Glastonbury Abbey:

“Hosanna” – Reggae version by Christafari

The original song was by Hillsong (2012) with Lyrics:

“10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman – Live in Times Square, New York–H_yx2vg

YouTube Audio book version: “The Donkey that no one could ride” read by the author Anthony DeStefano:
Classic Video of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry (from the film “Jesus of Nazareth”):

Inspirational, strong video by young people “Spirit Juice” for young people (not suitable for the very young):

A light-hearted, but well researched look at the importance of Palm Sunday see – The Skit Guys (some of you will perhaps remember them from other videos):

For those of you who love a distinctly Jewish interpretation of Scripture – see Doug Eaton’s interpretation of Palm Sunday, referring to Ezekiel 12 rather than the usual Zechariah 9:9:

Films to watch over Holy Week:
“The Passion” – by the BBC (not to be confused with “The Passion” by Mel Gibson – which is pretty violent). One of the best films to depict the events of Holy Week.
“Jesus of Nazareth” – an epic, and a bit dated now, but Robert Powell as Jesus and Lawrence Olivier as Nicodemus are amazing.
“The Case for Christ” – a true story looking at the life of a reporter who sets out to discover if the resurrection is true.

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