Love Congresbury

Love Congresbury hosts village events including ‘Party in the Paddock’ and ‘The Do after The Show’, a music event following the annual Summer Fete, quiz nights at The Plough Inn and a Duck Race on Millennium Green. Any profits are used solely to support further village projects.

Love Congresbury also support the village with Random Acts of Kindness.

Click here to see a video of Congresbury on Songs of Praise, dubbed ‘The Kindest Village’.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Love Congresbury was working with the Parish Council, Village Agent and the local Doctor’s Surgery, acting as an umbrella organisation to coordinate aid and support to villagers. Love Congresbury became the main contact for the North Somerset Council ‘Together’ initiative, ensuring the well-being of all residents during the pandemic.

Love Congresbury

The lockdown is over, but we are aware that there are people still in need of help. Please do not hesitate to get in touch – we can signpost you to the services you may need.

For more information, or if anyone is interested in volunteering, please email Kirsty on or visit our Facebook page here.

Last Updated 23/12/2024