While we are now finding our way through our new normal as we live without COVID restrictions, we are still very aware of each person’s individual wishes and preferences and we are following all guidance updated from The Church of England and Public Health England.

With the removal of restrictions, we are now offering the choice of using the common cup or intinction of your wafer from another chalice. We are colloquially calling this ‘sip or dip’ – which is not to take away from the holy act itself, just how you wish to receive the blood of Christ. There is no right or wrong, it is a personal choice for you and we want you to feel completely comfortable.

When coming into the church, we would ask you to be kind and respect others wishes, some people may wish to continue to wear facemasks and practice social distancing, while others are more comfortable with the relaxation of restrictions. Please be kind.

Hand sanitiser is available for use in both of our church buildings.

We are following all guidelines in accordance with the government, Public Health England and the Church of England. For further information, please see the Church of England Coronovirus guidance by following the link below.

Last updated 25th January 2023