Update on our Church Staff Team during this time:

As the Lockdown from the virus is likely to continue for some time, the Staff Team, the PCCs and I have come to the decision to adopt a new way of working for the month of May.

In order to take advantage of the Government Employee Scheme, Andrea, Lisa and Caz will come under the Furlough Scheme for the first three weeks of May (this has to be three consecutive weeks) and then will work from home for the last week in order to prepare resources and catch up with ongoing admin.  The Church Offices will therefore be closed during this time.

All other operations of Church Life and “Church@Home” will continue however, with Kirsty and myself working throughout.  Kirsty will be looking after the technology side of things and also Love Congresbury and Love Banwell, and I will be trying support the “Church@Home” ministry and the general Life of the Church.  This will enable as much of a reasonable saving as possible to Church finances at a time when our financial situation is looking somewhat strained, as it is for so many charities and small organisations.

So, during May:

For all phone messages to do with Church (Banwell or Congresbury) and for community based enquiries (Love Banwell, Love Congresbury or Foodbank) can you please phone the Vicarage on 01934 834945.

For emails to do with regular Church life, can you please send them to


For Community based enquiries (Love Banwell, Love Congresbury and Foodbank) and for technology issues for Church@Home, the website or following Church Services on Live Stream, can you please send them to kirsty.bowles@newcreationchurches.org.uk

For Pastoral Care, for Church@Home (including issues to do with our Church@Home Groups),  support for Young People and families, for issues to do with funerals, and wedding and baptism enquiries please can you send them to me: rev.matt.thomson@newcreationchurches.org.uk

We will review things towards the end of May as to whether this is a pattern we will continue into June, as with everyone else we await Government announcements.  Can you please pray for all the Staff, the Wardens, the PCCs, the volunteers, and the Ministry Team during this time, as they have all worked so incredibly hard and have done more and beyond as we have sought to support Church Life, Church@Home, and in playing our part in supporting the wider community.

Thank you.  Matt  

Please be on the lookout

Have you seen any of these character?

Unfortunately in the early hours of Saturday morning person or persons unknown gained forcible entry into St. Andrew’s. Congresbury church and stole the box of donations for the Foodbank and a number of figures from the Nativity scene, which were in storage. They were caught on CCTV and the Police have been informed. If you see the figurines, which are of great sentimental value and therefore irreplaceable, please contact Matt on 01934 834945.

Missing characters are:-


Jesus and crib

A kneeling King

An ox

A donkey

An owl

There are also 7 small figurines from another nativity set missing.

We would like to thank people for their generosity in Foodbank donations to make up for the items that were taken, it is truly appreciated.