Services this Sunday – 11th September

We will have our regular service at 10.30am in St. Andrew’s, Congresbury, but with time to reflect on Her Majesty’s life of service as Sovereign and a Christian and an additional service of Evensong at 4pm in St. Andrew’s, Banwell focussing on Her Majesty. Everyone is welcome to attend these services.

Sunday’s Talk to Download

Hi all. Matt has very kindly attached notes to the PowerPoint slides that he used on Sunday morning so that we can all read over them in our own time.

Click here to access our Facebook group Church@Home where you will find the downloadable file.

We hope you find this helpful. Love to all. 


Live Service for Sunday 14th June – 1st Sunday after Trinity

Click here to watch the service that was streamed live on Sunday 14th June.

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for Trinity Sunday –
“A New Church for a New Age:
the story of Peter and the message of hope in Cornelius (Acts Ch 10) – part of the focus for “40 Days on the Life and work of the Spirit.”

Bible Readings:
Key Bible Reading: Acts Ch 10:1-48 – the amazing story of the work of the Holy Spirit through Peter and Cornelius.
Supporting texts:
Galatians Ch 3:1-14 – Paul encourages the Christians in the Church at Galatia to trust in the promise of what Jesus has done for them and in the gift of the Spirit rather than trying to earn favour with God through works and through observing the Law. In so doing, he declares ALL people of faith, Jews and Gentiles, as open to receive the blessing given to Abraham.
Numbers 6:22-27 – The words of The Blessing given by God to Moses to be used by Aaron and his sons of how to bless the Israelites (and the people of God).

Set Readings for today:
Exodus 19:2-8a – God’s call to Moses and to the people from Mount Sinai.
Romans 5:1-8 – Paul’s account of how true peace comes from recognising what Christ has done for us and for the world.
Matthew 9:35-10:23 – Jesus sends out the twelve to preach the Good News of the Kingdom.

Hymns and Songs for 1st Sunday after Trinity:
The key theme today is Blessing, so if you do not have an opportunity to listen to anything else please, please see:

1. “The Lord Bless you and keep you” – John Rutter – sung by Toby and Hugh Davis (Liz Chappell’s grandchildren in St Andrew’s Church, Congresbury yesterday)

2. “The Blessing in Hebrew: Ha Bracha” – released by Joshua Aaron on Friday – praying God’s Blessing over Jerusalem – based on the well known original version by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes –

3. The Original Version of “The Blessing” – by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes from Elevation Worship – I counted at least sixty nine versions of this available on YouTube in every language from Sweden to Australia, from Japan, to Russia, to Nepal, to South Korea, to QATAR, to Israel, to Europe, to America and Canada and Latin America, in Makaton, played by orchestras, violins, and sung by Virtual Choirs of ones and two to hundreds – a truly “GLOBAL SENSATION” –
Important to Note: The words of BOTH versions of “The Blessing” (Rutter and Elevation Music) are the same – they are taken from the “Blessing given by God to Moses and to Aaron” (Numbers 6:24-26). It is also, historically, the Blessing always used by Francis of Assisi.

1. “Before the throne of God above” – a beautiful understanding of the richness of the Blessing –
2. “There is a Redeemer” – Keith Green – as we focus on the work of the Spirit –

3. “Make me a channel of your Peace” – very appropriate at the moment –

4. “Breathe on me breath of God” – Seeking to be filled with the Spirit’s love –

5. “When I survey the Wonderous Cross” – True grace comes from recognising all God has done for us in Christ –

6. “Shine Jesus shine” – Graham Kendrick -asking God to not only bless this country but the world and bring His light into our darkness –

Meditation – the number of versions of “The Blessing” – here is a short selection from the many available:
7. “The Blessing” – from Children from many different countries as a virtual Choir –

8. “The Blessing” sung by two Healthcare Workers –

9. “The Blessing” sung and signed by the Makaton community – LOVE THIS – very humbling –

Modern Music:
10. “10,000 Reasons” – Matt Redman – Having a spirit of Blessing –

11. “Waiting here for you” – Christy Nockels – beautiful song about waiting on God for His blessing –

12. “The Hillsong Israel Tour from Caesarea” – A two hour marathon but with a powerful sermon and so many wellknown songs from the VERY PLACE where our Bible Story today is set –

13. “Oceans – from Caesarea” – Hillsong – classic, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background – given the place the lyrics are just so appropriate – for Paul’s epic journey, for the Gospel’s and for ours –

14. NEW SONG “Beautiful Stranger” – Rebecca St James – love the lyrics: “God, I hear You calling out to me in the voices of the least of these, calling me to reach beyond my world to the beautiful stranger” –

15. “Video that will change your life. I have no words left” – story of BEING the Blessing – as St Francis said, “Go out and preach the Gospel to all the nations, and if you have to, use words” –

16. “Sergio and Rhoda got to Joppa (they call Jaffa) – and where the first part of our story took place –

17. “Sergio and Rhoda go to Caesarea Maritima” – the place where the other part of our Bible Story took place – and where both Peter and Paul visited –

18. “The Sultan and the Saint” – Can be bought via Amazon – £6.49 (Need to play on a Computer or Laptop as PAL – US)

Rule of Life in Lockdown starts tomorrow at 7.30pm

*NEW* Tomorrow night (Wednesday 6th May) at 7.30pm why not join us for a new study session led by Howard – ‘Rule of life in Lockdown’ – looking at 1 Thessalonians.

To join in you need to download Chrome onto your computer. Download Google Chrome here: and then visit Howard’s Life Size room at 7.30 on Wednesday.

To further prepare, if you find time, please read 1 Thessalonians in advance and there are more resources available – just get in touch.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow.

Rule of Life for Lockdown

A message from Howard:-

Call for People who want to Create A Rule of Life for Lockdown 

If anyone in New Creation Churches and further afield is interested in exploring how to create a Rule of Life amidst the restrictions of Lockdown, please join me in weekly conversation over the period of weeks before restrictions are lifted.

Matt and I (and the PCCs) wish to offer a virtual home group online that starts with Bible Study (looking at  1 Thessalonians when the early Church worked out how to live in a time of lock down and persecution), goes on to consider our daily living and then works towards establishing a Communal Rule of Life.

If this takes off, we will look at the insights of the Celtic saints and begin to build a Communal Rule (The Rule of St Congar?) that considers how we build habits of worship, service and mission. Who knows, we might emerge from lockdown with greater balance than before.

If this sounds something that you’d like to be a part of, it will mean prioritising an hour each week from 7.30-8.30pm. You will need a computer to get on line (for Zoom or LifeSize), a Bible and a desire to change.

The next question is the evening (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday). Please e-mail me on and I’ll gather interest and identify the best date. Ideally we’d start the week beginning 11 May (if this has wider traction).

Howard Worsley (07528 565 600) 28 April

A Poem by Howard Worsley

One Vast Cough of Strange Design 

The wake-up call is not welcome to the sleeper 

But it is salvation as the house is set on fire. 

A lowly virus creeping from the pangolin 

Might yet hide blessing in its wake. 

The earth is slowly bringing healing to herself, 

Hardly daring to breath large breaths of air, 

But gaining confidence as she senses, 

That the lower atmosphere is cleaner than before. 

The land is gently sending out green shoots, 

Aware that fossil fuels are less polluting, 

And as Covid 19 starts touching human policy, 

It seems that human fear is Gaia’s hope. 

Upon the surface of the globe,  

The world is slowing down, 

The schools are shutting, 

The transport dwindling, 

People sleeping, 

Trade abating,  

Families talking, 

Phones aglow, 

In touch again. 

Extinction Rebellion could not stop the heavy traffic 

But Corona Virus felled the global movement 

In one vast cough 

Of strange design.

Pax et Bonum