A Poem by Howard Worsley

One Vast Cough of Strange Design 

The wake-up call is not welcome to the sleeper 

But it is salvation as the house is set on fire. 

A lowly virus creeping from the pangolin 

Might yet hide blessing in its wake. 

The earth is slowly bringing healing to herself, 

Hardly daring to breath large breaths of air, 

But gaining confidence as she senses, 

That the lower atmosphere is cleaner than before. 

The land is gently sending out green shoots, 

Aware that fossil fuels are less polluting, 

And as Covid 19 starts touching human policy, 

It seems that human fear is Gaia’s hope. 

Upon the surface of the globe,  

The world is slowing down, 

The schools are shutting, 

The transport dwindling, 

People sleeping, 

Trade abating,  

Families talking, 

Phones aglow, 

In touch again. 

Extinction Rebellion could not stop the heavy traffic 

But Corona Virus felled the global movement 

In one vast cough 

Of strange design.

Pax et Bonum