Service for Sunday 7th February – Second Sunday before Lent

Bible Readings for 2nd Sunday before Lent:

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Proverbs 8:1, 22-31 Proverbs 8.1,22-31 NIVUK – Wisdom’s call – Does not wisdom call – Bible Gateway – this is a most beautiful passage.  When people say the Old Testament is full of wars and violence and an angry God of Judgment we need to be reminded of passages like this one.  The Wisdom of God, which some would later see to encapsulate the heart and person of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, “delights” in Creation and in humanity and is instrumental in both their creation existing, as she does, before the beginning of time.  The playfulness and delight of Wisdom certainly comes through. How much different our faith would be if we had but listened to her over the years.

Colossians 1:15-20Colossians 1:15-20 NIVUK – The supremacy of the Son of God – The – Bible Gateway – This is the ‘Colossians’ equivalent of the ‘big picture’ story we find famously captured in John 1:1-14. Colossians sees Jesus as the common bridge between the old Creation and the new, between heaven and earth, between Old and New Testaments.  Jesus’ death being the absolute pivot point to it all.  

John 1:1-14 – Probably one of the most famous and most loved passages of the Bible.  Read every Christmas.  In the context of our theme today – that of St Brigid of Kildare and the idea of “Soul friendship“– John’s Gospel provides us with a very real and practical example of how “soul friendship” can be put into practice. 

John begins his passage about who Jesus is by referring to abstract ideas , not least from Greek philosophy, that Jesus is “the Word” not only from God but also for all of creation and humanity.  But , by the time he gets to verse 14, that which is, in the beginning abstract, suddenly bursts forth into the real, the here and now and now of life experience, when Jesus so famously says, “Thy Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

Suddenly salvation has dawned for the whole earth, whether not the Church or the rest of humanity can see it. 


Songs in the Service:

  1. “My Lighthouse:” by Rend Collective: (10) Rend Collective – My Lighthouse (Official Video) – YouTube


  1. “O, the deep, deep love of Jesus:”


  1. “We will meet” by John Bell (Iona Community): (11) ‘We Will Meet’ – YouTube


  1. “Brother, sister let me serve you:”


  1. “Simplicity” by Rend Collective: (11) Rend Collective – Simplicity – YouTube


Readings, Talks, and Prayers:

  1. “Bible Reading – John 1:1-14” by Romany Poppet-Price: (11) Romaney’s Bible Reading for Sunday 7th February – YouTube


  1. “Prayers” – Part 1 – by Howard: (11) Howard’s Prayer – Part 1 – YouTube
  2. “Prayers” – Part 2 – by Howard: (11) Howard’s Prayers – Part 2 – YouTube


Traditional Hymns and Songs:

  1. “God is love, let heaven adore him:”


  1. “It is well, with my soul:” cover version of this well known Spafford/Sankey hymn. Written originally in the face of huge adversity. Holding out for hope and faith come what may: (11) It Is Well With My Soul | Anthem Lights – YouTube



  1. “Fix You” cover version of the ‘classic’ from Cold Play by Fearless Soul. One can almost imagine the Soul speaking to the Self.  Shows how intentionally, or unintentionally, wider society cries out with the same voice: (11) Try not to cry when you listen to this cover of FIX YOU by Coldplay – YouTube


  1. “What a friend”– Matt Maher – modern take on this traditional hymn: (11) Matt Maher – What a Friend (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube



  1. “Talk by John O’Donohue – Anam Cara (Soul Friendship) – given at Greenbelt: (11) John O’Donohue at Greenbelt – YouTube


6.   “Anam Cara (Soul Friendship)”: reflective video set to Celtic  beautifully inspired music: (11) ANAM CARA ~ Aeone – YouTube

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