Service for Sunday 6th December – Second Sunday for Advent

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for Second Sunday for Advent

– Sunday 6th December

Bible Readings:

Key Bible Reading:

If you would like to look up the reading for yourself – simply click the link:

For John 10:1-18: John 10:1-18 NIV – The Good Shepherd and His Sheep – Bible Gateway

Set Readings for today (Second Sunday of Advent):

Isaiah 40:1-11 – One of the classic passages of Scripture so rich in imagery foretelling the coming of the Messiah and what He will be like.  He will level the mountains and raise up the valleys.  He will be like a Shepherd feeding His flock and gather the lambs in His arms.  He is the One, promised of old, who reveals God’s glory to the world and is indeed God Himself.

1Peter 3:8-15a – Peter speaks about the Second Coming and the “Coming Day of the Lord.”  He reminds the Christian community just how precious all God’s people are to God, how they will be protected while they pray and hope for the “Coming Day” when God will bring about His new heaven and a new earth “where righteousness is at home.”  What a beautiful phrase – where knowing Jesus and being in a loving relationship will not be something for “those who want to do that sort of thing,” but which will be front and centre of all that is.         

Mark 1:1-8 – Mark picks up on Isaiah’s words in Isaiah 40, read earlier, and places them in the person and life of John the Baptist.  For us as Christians, we often see John the Baptist simply as a forerunner to Jesus.  But in the work of Josephus, a first century historian and general, he records but half a side about Jesus, but a whole chapter of his work to John.  So John was a much more influential character than perhaps we maybe at first think about.  He was one, if not the leading, alterative voice to the Priesthood in Jerusalem and also to the Pharisaic way of being faithful according to works and of keeping the Torah, the Law in every greater detail to demonstrate how devoted your were and are.  John cuts through all this, faith and holiness for him are not about animal sacrifice and money as in the Temple.  It is not about keeping rules and laws, necessarily, as in the case of the Pharisees, well certainly not as the primary thing.  Faith, for John, is first and foremost about repentance and being willing to receive an ongoing and living relationship with God based on a willingness to confess our shortcomings and to be open to receive His forgiveness, His message of transforming love, and His Kingdom Spirit.  

Hymns and Songs for Second Sunday for Advent:


  1. Advent wouldn’t be Advent without the ‘classic’ “O come, O come, Emmanuel”
  2. To introduce our service a beautiful live instrumental recording by Liz Chappell and Katie Davies:
  • As per last week – a version set in the context of our Jewish roots with the Christian singer/songwriter Joshua Aaron in a concert recorded at the “Tower of David” (an important historical site probably of Herod’s Palace in the time of Jesus) in Jerusalem.  Not just then culturally relevant, but of a Jewish Christian calling Jesus ‘home’ to his own people.  An amazing backdrop not just for this song but for the whole concert and a powerful witness.  Well worth looking up:
  • A more traditional version that we would sing in our English Churches – taken from Songs of Praise, with Lyrics:

On the theme of Peace as the Second week of Advent:

On the theme of Truth and Shepherding (based on John’s Gospel):

Children and Young People:


On the theme of Advent:

  • “Peace” by Bethel Music.  Beautiful gentle song about God being there even when everyone and everything else seems to be slipping away.  Great for anyone finding times tough at the moment:

On the theme of Truth and Shepherding (from John’s Gospel)

  1. “Love Theory” by Kirk Franklin, speaks both God’s faithfulness to us and our desire to follow Him.
  2. Original Official Video Version: (92) Kirk Franklin – Love Theory (Official Music Video) – YouTube
  3. Lyrics version: (92) Love Theory-Kirk Franklin(lyrics) – YouTube
  4. Cover Version by Mattias Banse: (92) Love Theory – Kirk Franklin COVER – YouTube
  1. “Truth be told” by Matthew West.  Great song about God speaking into so much of modern life.  Great lyrics:
  2. Original Official Video: (92) Matthew West – Truth Be Told (Official Music Video) – YouTube
  3. Lyrics Version:
  4. Cover version by Mayte Levenbach:
  1. Lauren Daigle’s latest release last week “Everything” – the Starstruck sessions: (92) Lauren Daigle – Everything (Starstruck Sessions) – YouTube
  1. One of the best modern Christmas songs: “Noel” written by Chris Tomlin and sung by Lauren Daigle.  Great to get in touch with the enormity of what Christmas truly means: (92) Chris Tomlin – Noel (Live) ft. Lauren Daigle – YouTube


  1. “Peace – Shalom” – by the Bible Project.  Great word interpretation to help understand our Advent theme and also the Pew News “Thought for the Day” today:
  1. “The Chosen” – Episode 1 – the worldwide phenomenon which is the world crowd funded TV adaptation of the Life of Jesus called “The Chosen.”  Series 1 has already been released and funding for Series 2 is just about complete and due to be released over the Christmas period.

“The Chosen” can be obtained for free, either via YouTube (simply type in “The Chosen” or via an App, which can be downloaded to your Smartphone or Tablet.

Its all very exciting.  Details of how to find Episode 1 on YouTube: (92) The Chosen: Complete Episode One – YouTube

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