Service for Sunday 21st February – First Sunday of Lent

Bible Readings for 1st Sunday of Lent:

Genesis 9:8-17 Genesis 9:8-17 NIVUK – Then God said to Noah and to his sons – Bible Gateway – The story of the great covenant between Noah and God signed and sealed by the rainbow.  Not just that God would not cause another great flood, like the one they had just been through, but that there would be an ongoing and lasting relationship between the Creator God and all His Creation.  Something God still holds fast to, to this day even though many human beings have lost sight of it. 

1Peter 3:18-end – – Peter links the death and resurrection of Jesus with the ‘spiritual’ death and resurrection we each go through in baptism.  And then Peter makes this strange reference to Jesus going and making a proclamation to ‘the spirits in prison’ who were from the time before the flood, in the time of Noah and the Ark.  You will each need to make up your own mind whether that ‘proclamation’ was to set these prisoners free from the judgement they had been through at the time of the flood, or that it was a ‘proclamation’ of judgement and such spiritual ‘prisoners’ were found wanting?   

Sort of depends how you see biblical salvation working out?  What is wonderful to see, is the powerful link between Baptism and Easter front and central in the life and practice of the early Church.

Mark 1:9015 – The majority of this passage we looked at last week in relation it all aspects of love being about God and those marvellous lines – “you are my son/you are my daughter, whom I love, and in you I am well pleased.”

So many people, in Church and beyond, need to hear this, not just with their ears but in their hearts and in their soul.  What is great is that, in verses 14 and 15, Jesus says “the time for that fulfilment is now and it is here.”  In Him.


Songs in the Service:

  1. “The Wilderness:” by The Isaacs. A country and western approach to this topic that many other singer/songwriters pass over: (20) The Isaacs – The Wilderness (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube


  1. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God:”


  1. “How can it be” by Lauren Daigle


  1. “The Power of the Cross” by Keith and Kirstyn Getty:


  1. “Lord, I need you:” popular classic by Matt Maher:


  1. “Pride – In the name of Love:” originally by U2 in memory of Rev Dr Martin Luth King Jr – an embodiment of someone who learnt how to tap into his “wilderness” space:


Readings, Talks, and Prayers:

  1. “Bible Reading – Matthew 4:1-11” by Ian Stocker:


  1. “Prayers” – by Romany Poppett-Price:


Traditional Hymns and Songs:

  1. “Great is Thy faithfulness:” – Songs of Praise version. With Lyrics: (20) Great is thy faithfulness – YouTube


  1. “Forty days and Forty nights:” version by the Chet Valley Choir. With Lyrics: (20) Forty Days and Forty Nights [with lyrics for congregations] – YouTube



  1. “Wilderness” by Gateway. With Lyrics.  You could almost imagine these words being on the mouth of Jesus Himself during His time on the desert.  Great for anyone finding life ‘dry’ at present: (20) Wilderness – by Gateway – YouTube


  1. “You are my all in all” With Lyrics: (20) You are My All in All – YouTube



  1. “The Desert Blossoms” – beautiful video of just how real this phenomenon is. As if you were really there.  Great encouragement: (20) The Desert blossoms – YouTube
  2. “Ein Gedi and the Waterfall of David:” by Sergio and Rhoda. An oasis and waterfall in the middle of the Judean Desert not far from the Dead Sea.  Will bring back many memories to those who have visited it.  Where King David probably write many of the Psalms not least Psalm 42: (20) Ein Gedi and the Waterfall Of David – YouTube 

7.   “Oasis in the Desert:” by Sergio and Rhoda.  Visiting one of the oldest monasteries in the world. St Gerasimos: (20) Oasis in the Judean Desert in Israel – YouTube

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