Live service for Sunday 5th July – 4th Sunday after Trinity

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Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for 4th Sunday of Trinity –

“A New Church for a New Age (Part 4):

The work of the Spirit to inspire and provide a ‘Blueprint’ for the Church in Mark ch1 – part of the focus for “40 Days on the Life and work of the Spirit” – by Jack Levison

Bible Readings:

Key Bible Reading:

Mark ch1: 1 – 45 – Mark is unique in beginning his Gospel account of Jesus from the point of Jesus’ baptism rather than from the point of Jesus’ birth.  In doing so, Mark is trying to tell us something, something about the sort of person Jesus is and also the people we are called to be, to offer love and compassion for a broken world and to do so through the guidance and sustenance of the Holy Spirit.  We are going to explore this further in our service today. (See also the Bible text itself and notes below for download with highlighted passages)

Supporting Text:

The following are the two parts of Jesus’ great commission – King and Servant, taken from the words God spoke over Him at His  baptism in the river Jordan, “You are my Son, who I love, in you I am well pleased.” (Mark ch1:11).

The first part of this famous saying comes from,

Psalm 2 – from which we get the lines, “You are my son [my daughter], who I love” (Psalm 2:7) and which points us to the anointing and the responsibility of a monarch, a King or a Queen for his/her people.

And the second part of the saying comes from,

Isaiah chs 42-53 – where Isaiah reveals a strange but hugely significant character known as “The Servant,” or as Isaiah 53 records “the Suffering Servant.” From Isaiah 42:1 we get the lines, “with you I am well pleased” but maybe read especially Isaiah ch53.  It is both unique and incredibly insightful and prophetic.

Set Readings for today:

Zachariah 9:9-12 – this passage from Zachariah is the famous prophecy that “when the King comes, he will come riding on a donkey, on a colt the foal of a donkey.”  Words, of course, Jesus fulfilled when He rode into Jerusalem hundreds of years later.

Romans 7:15-25 – Paul wrestles with one of the great problems we can have as human beings, let alone as Christians, in that why is it we can know what is good for us, we can know what is the ‘right’ thing to do, yet we choose to do different, sometimes even the opposite.  Paul wrestles with himself and his inner conscience in and through this passage – isn’t great therefore to discover we’re not alone? We too can struggle to live out our internal desire to follow Christ even when it is tough and full of self-doubt. 

Matthew 11:16-19, 25-end – Jesus describes to His audience how fickle people can be – some complaining about John the Baptist and his ministry, others criticising and contrasting him for “not being more like John the Baptist,” almost the day after.  And yet, in amongst our blindness, hardness of heart, and our easy judgementalism, Jesus speaks out these words, “Come to me, all you that are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I shall give them rest.”

Jesus lifts people out of the situations they are in, even if they are of their own making, and seeks to set them out on the road in the sure and certain knowledge they are a ‘forgiven people.’

Against all odds, Jesus chooses this moment to reveal His true identity to the world and the enormity of what these words would truly cost Him.

Hymns and Songs for 4th Sunday after Trinity:


  1. TRY AND LISTEN TO THIS – the well-known classic, that captures so well King and Servant from Graham Kendrick “From heaven you came, helpless babe”:
  • See also a live version by Graham Kendrick himself at a “Songs of Praise” concert from the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey (1996):
  • Graham Kendrick talking himself about what inspired him to write this song – fascinating insight into the work of the Spirit in and through one of this country’s most popular singer/songwriters:
  • “We are marching in the light of God” (Siyahamba) – here is a very colourful medley version.  Hard for anyone not to smile and even to start tapping or dancing to the beat.  We all need to have our spirits lifted:

Song for Refection:

Thank you again to Liz Chappell and her grandsons, Hugh and Toby who have kindly recorded their version of John Stainer “I saw the Lord” (based on Isaiah 6)  –

Modern Music:

  • The calling and life story of Taya Smith – one of the lead singers and worship leaders of “Hillsong” (an international if not a worldwide worship phenomenon) – her remarkable story of humble inspiration and servant ministry –-
  1. “King of Kings” – Hillsong (Acoustic Version) – recorded Mar this year (2020):
  1. And from our young people a film clip and song called “Touched by an Angel – Psalm 151” – a power testimony to song, love and prayer.  Thank you for this:
  1. Lastly, “I will follow” – Chris Tomlin –


  1.  Thinking of the role of Kingship – probably the closest we know to such a spectacle is the Coronation.  In a rare interview the Queen revealed something of what it was like to be her on such a great occasion:
  2. A short piece about wearing the Crown –
  3. An American news piece which talks to the English commentator who interviewed the Queen and describes her qualities (recorded in 2018 when Harry and Megan were based in the UK):
  • And my personal favourite, which captures the Queens spirit of both servanthood and fun was the epic arrival and opening the Queen gave to the Olympics in 2012.  Interestingly, the helicopter used on this memorable occasion was flown by Peter Hall of Iwood Manor in Congresbury.  Enjoy:
  1. Isaiah ch53 – the “Suffering Servant” – Here are two separate interviews given by Jewish people for an organisation called “One for Israel,” and each explains how Isaiah ch53 (the Suffering Servant) is central to them and to their story as Jewish people who became believers in Yeshua (Jesus).  Amazing and humbling testimonies:

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