Service for 19th Sunday after Trinity

Recorded at St. Andrew’s, Congresbury on 18th October, 2020.

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for 19th Sunday of Trinity –

15th Sunday of Re-opening – A New Church for a New Society:

“Themes in John’s Gospel.”

  • Spirituality – Part A: Journeying to the Source

(John 7:37-44)

Sunday 18th Oct 2020

Bible Readings:

Key Bible Reading:

John 7:37-44:  If you would like to look up the reading for yourself – simply click the link:

Set Readings for today:

Isaiah 45:1-7 – It would have come as a great shock to the Israelites of Isaiah’s time to learn that God used a neighbouring King, a great warrior King, King Cyrus of Persia, as his instrument of justice and transformation.  Surely God loved his people and would instead use them.  We can face the same issue today – do we think God only works through us as Christians or does He also work through many others to bring about His purposes even if they do not know Him?

1Thessalonians 1:1-10 – Paul clearly delights in the young Church in Thessalonica.  Interestingly, he says the community there received the Gospel, the good news of Jesus, with joy inspired by the Holy Spirit.  It is one thing to believe, it is yet another to do so with joy, conviction, and surrender.  These are the work of the Spirit, turning hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

Matthew 22:15-22 – “Pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s!” so says Jesus in response to the Pharisees’ trickery.  Some have therefore said this means the world of politics and economics should therefore be separate to the sphere of faith, with faith being resigned to being more of a personal and private matter.  This could not be further from Jesus’ message and just shows how we love to try and put God in a box, place limitations on how much He seeks to have influence in my life and so control Him, as if we could.  Instead, Jesus is challenging the Pharisees and all of us to see that indeed Caesar and all other governments, wise and flawed, along with the whole of each of us, in all aspects of our life, comes under His just, gentle, but also challenging gaze and rule.  It’s what makes God, God.  Nothing under heaven is beyond His care.  

Hymns and Songs for 19th Sunday after Trinity:


  1. “Spirit of God, unseen as the wind” – set to the Skye Boat tune with Lyrics:
  • “Holy Spirit, living breath of God” – by Keith and Kirsten Getty.  Version with interplay with the theme music of the film, “The Mission” and St Patrick’s Breastplate:
  • “There is a Higher Throne” – speaking of the Great Banquet and Temple of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation – again by Keith and Kirsten Getty with Lyrics:

During Communion:

  1. “Just as I am, without one plea” – Songs of Praise version with lyrics:
  1. “Agnes Dei” (Lamb of God) – Barber. Version by Voces 8:


So that everyone can share in a full experience of the breadth of the worship life of the Church details of this music is given here:

After the Livestream:

  1. “Audition of Tokio Myers” – Britain’s Got Talent:

Other songs:

  1. “The River” – by Jordan Feliz. Great new song. Lyrics version:
  1. “Beyond the Veil” version by Sherdonna Denholm:
  1. “Soul’s Anthem (All is Well)” – Tori Kelly:
  1. “Heaven on Earth” – Micah Stampley:


  1. “Holiness” – by the Bible Project gives a very good description of Ezek 47 and Rev 22 as a metaphor of God’s great dream of a healed and transformed world:

18.         “Untold Archaeology of the Temple Mount — Rare Footage” – latest Sergio and Rhoda footage – gives a great taste of some of the history underneath this incredible place – from which the Ezekiel and Revelation prophecies are meant to be fulfilled:

And from last week:

Film/TV Series

  1. “The Chosen” (TV mini-series) – this is a courageous project to tell the story of Jesus as a TV series.  Financed by crowd funding around the world, it has attracted record viewing numbers in the order of 59 million.  Well worth watching – Series 1 now released.  (You might find you wish to fast forward over the Director/Producer’s quite lengthy introductions at the beginning and reflections at the end.) Available on YouTube and downloadable as an App from the App store to come straight to your phone or tablet.  Episode 1 on YouTube:

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