Live Stream for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

Click here to see the service that was streamed live on 17th May, the sixth Sunday after Easter.

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for 6th Sunday of Easter –

“Resurrection Hope” –

A Bible Study on the Importance of the Resurrection:

Bible Readings:

Luke’s Story of the First Easter – Luke 24:36-53

God’s Big Idea for the future of the world – Revelation 21:1-7 – Heaven coming to Earth – ‘the New Jerusalem’

Paul’s detailed understanding of what the Resurrection body looks like – 1Cor 15 – the whole chapter [although verses 42-49 are the key bit].

Set Readings for today:

Acts 17:22-31

1Peter 3:13-end

John 14:15-21.

Hymns and Songs:

Hopefully, something for everyone…


  1. “And can it be, that I should Gain” – Charles Wesley –


“Baba Yetu” – is a version of the Lord’s Prayer composed by Christopher Tin in Swahili – awesome

  • A version with English Subtitles:
  • My Favourite, because of the colour and vibrancy, is by the Stellenbosch University Choir (once such stronghold of Dutch Afrikans) – brilliant testimony to healing and God’s vision for the world –

Modern Music:


  • For a very personal take on what the resurrection means to him – see Tom Wright talking about the death of his father (its also one of the more accessible of his videos) –
  • And if you want to go more into depth – and really get to grips with some of his seminal work on the subject of Resurrection – see the Lecture at Baylers Truett Seminary ( 1hr 20 mins – well worth a watch) –
  1. Background – 8min Summary video on the most recent findings re the Turin Shroud/ Resurrection Cloth of Jesus – v interesting –


  1. “Surprised by Hope” – by Tom Wright – this is his popular version of his seminal exploration of Resurrection and its implications.
  1. “Resurrection of the Son of God” – N T Wright – this is the Big One (runs to 860 pages) – Tom Wright’s now classic analysis of the Resurrection accounts and what it means – “hard going but worth every moment.”


  1. “The Case for Christ” – very good true account of a sceptic Journalist – Lee Stobel looking into the events of the Resurrection because his wife becomes a Christian.  It changes his whole life.  Available on DVD, and also on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Well worth a watch.

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