Live Stream for Trinity Sunday

Click here to watch the service that was steamed live for Trinity Sunday, Sunday 7th June.

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for Trinity Sunday –
“The Life and Hope of God: based on Ezekiel Ch 37
– and in light of events in America”

Bible Readings:
Key Bible Reading: Ezekiel Ch 37:1-14 – the Valley of Dry Bones comes to Life.
Supporting texts:
The story of the Raising of Lazarus – John 11:1-44
Creation of Adam and Eve in Creation – Genesis 2:4-24
God’s great hope of a new heaven in a new earth Revelation Ch 21:1-7, and Ch 22:1-16.

To help explain the Prophecy of Ezekiel:
Bible Project – Ezekiel – Part 1 –
Bible Project – Ezekiel – Part 2 –

Set Readings for today:
Isaiah 40: 12-17, and 27
2Corinthians 13:11-end
Matthew 28:16-20

Hymns and Songs for Pentecost Sunday:
Today’s music is quite eclectic, in that it is a mixture of both Christian and non-Christian, and from mainly an ethnic background to show we are all one family. Hopefully, something for everyone to sing along to…

1. “Holy, holy, holy” – classic – Albert Hall –

2. “I bind unto myself today the strong name of the Trinity” – prayer of St Patrick – Songs of Praise –
– “Holy Spirit, living breath of God” – Keith and Kirsten Getty – allude to the Prayer of St Patrick at the end, very fittingly –

3. “And can it be” – Songs of Praise – rousing testimony to God in action –

4. “Let all mortal flesh keep silent” – the mystery of Christ the human infant and King of Kings –

5. “Be Still for the presence of the Lord” –

6. KEY VIDEO: “The Light” – by a young artist called Luke – part of the “Thy Kingdom Come” series of videos 2020 – creating hope and life out of chaos – goes to the heartbeat of God – be inspired –

7. “Britain’s Got Talent“ – Tokio Myers – a wonderfully talented young man who took BGT by storm in 2017 and who takes Classical Music into his soul and then brings it into a whole new way of seeing – remarkable –

8. “Be Thou my Vision” – sung as “The Irish Blessing” virtual choir a week ago – first time in Ireland’s history that churches across so many of the divides in Ireland have come together with one voice – truly a “blessing” –

9. What a truly “inclusive” world could look like – “Matt Redman and friends” – “Amazing Grace” – part of “Thy Kingdom Come” –

Nostalgia (from the 1970’s):
10. Bonny M “By the rivers of Babylon” –

Modern Music:
11. “Heaven help us all” – just released by the Kingdom Choir – very topical –

12. “Blinded by your Grace – Part 2” – Stormzy – great song about God’s healing dream

13. “Glory” – Common & John Legend – taken from the film “Selma” in 2015 about Martin Luther King Jr – incredible to think this cry for freedom has had to be held for so long –

14. “Stand Up” – Cynthia Erivo – taken from the film about Harriet Tubman in 2019 – one Black woman’s struggle to do the right thing and to survive back in the 1840’s – a protest song for freedom –

15. “O Happy Day” – from the film Sister Act 2 – we all need to find some joy ultimately – A real feel good song!

16. “Pope Francis visits the Street Children of Manila in the Philippines ” – shows just how much work there is to do (PLEASE don’t show to young children) –

17. The famous “I have a dream” speech by Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr – a very poignant reminder of how much and how little has changed –

18. And picking up from last week – Pope Francis’ ground breaking talk as part of the “Thy Kingdom Come” Pentecost is now available as a six minute independent talk – very inspiring –