Surprised By Hope

“Surprised by Hope” by Tom Wright looks specifically at how resurrection is understood in Scripture, what it is, and what it is not, and also at what is God therefore wanting to say as we look to be a Church that looks to the future and to the depth and breadth of His promises. Really important as we begin to think about how we seek to be Church in the days and the years to come.

Week 1

The God of Hope
Summing up All Things
God Fulfills His Promises
The House of David
The Problem of Exile

Week 2

Sabbath Fulfillment
The Obedient Human
Confused by ‘Heaven’
Easter Witness
Resurrection Understanding
Resurrection Implication

Week 3

Signpost for the Future
Citizens of Heaven
Future Home
Where is Jesus Now?
Restoring the Kingdom
Ultimate End: Resurrection

Week 4

The ‘Intermediate State’
Warnings about Judgment
What about Purgatory?
Launching New Creation Now
Implementing Rescue
Being ‘Easter People’
Our present Future