The Servant King

Looking at Isaiah Chapters 40-55 through the eyes of Tom Wright. This is a beautiful poem in Isaiah’s book of prophecy, pointing the way to Jesus as the Messiah.

The God of all comfort returns – Isa 40:1-11
Incomparable God reigns – Isa 40:12-31
God’s chosen Servant brings justice – Isa 41-42
God’s deliverer brings a new Exodus – Isa 40: 43-44
God as Sovereign brings ultimate victory – Isa 40: 45-47
God’s Servant will bring Salvation to all the Earth – Isa 40: 48-49
God’s Servant will be vindicated – Isa 50:1-52:6
God’s Servant will be the Good News – Isa 52:7-12
The Death of the Servant: How the Servant is Exalted – Isa 52:13-53:12
The Renewal of the Covenant: How Israel is Welcomed back – Isa 54 
The Radical invitation: How all may live in the New Creation – Isa 55
The end of Exile and recognising God becoming King – Isa 55
The Church and rediscovering God’s Servant Vocation – Isa 55