Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 across New Creation

Social Distancing made Christmas 2020 a little different, but no matter what the media said – with Christ, Christmas is NEVER cancelled!

Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve Family Service, including making your own Christingle along with us – live streamed from St. Andrew’s, Congresbury – Thursday 24th December @ 4pm

Christingle 2020

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Midnight Service

Traditional Midnight Service from St. Andrew’s, Banwell – Thursday 24th December, 11.30pm

Christmas Eve Midnight Service 2020

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning Service

Christmas Day Service from St. Andrew’s, Congresbury, Friday 25th December, 10.30am

Christmas Day 2020

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Sunday 27th December, 2020
New Year’s Day, 2021

Carol Services

Carols Under the Tower, Banwell, 2020
Carol Service, Congresbury, 2020
Light outside at St. Andrew’s, Congresbury Caro Service
Carol Service at Holy Saviour Church, Puxton
Carol Service at Holy Saviour, Puxton

Please download a prayer booklet to use during the forty days between Christmas and Candlemas.

Christmas Window Trail, 2020

Thank you for taking part in the Christmas Window Trail. Hope you enjoyed walking around our villages and seeing the creativity of our neighbours.

A Poem For Christmas

Thank you for the poems that have been submitted, we hope you enjoyed writing them.

Here are the submitted poems.

Christmas 2020

by Diana Blanchard-Taylor


Peace on earth to men of good will –

(There goes a fiver in the till!)

Granny’s feeling rather ill,

And I can’t manage without a pill.


Sages come from far away,

Baby’s lying on the hay,

Shepherds leave their sheep to pray

For a Saviour born today.


Hark now – hear the angels singing

New songs round the aisles a-ringing,

Messages of hygiene bringing:

Masks, wash hands, no hugs or clinging.


Baby Jesus, how we need you!

Pop songs talk of love that’s true –

Yours is love that heals anew,

Love for all, not just the few.

Banwell Christmas poem


Twas the night before Christmas

 And all through the house

Nothing could be herd

Not even a mouse


The pub was all-dark

No drink could there be

cuss our London government

Had placed us in tier 3


But we had a Geert  plan

To escape banwells s plight

And cross over the border

To that axbridge one night


They to be in somerzet

But have been placed in tier 2

So what’s us thirsty parish

 Geert expected to do


There be cider overflowing

And cheddar cheese on the bar

So we loaded up the tractor

As axbridge ent far


We printed a number plate

With an  axbridge registration

And made it to winscomb

With all good intention


But the Bobbies were out

And had closed all the lands  

And so we had to return

With our heads in our hands  


But if some banwell locals

Made it to Sanford that night

There be cider at brewery

Which resolved the  thirsty plight


They drunk all the tankers

The tractor fell down the hill

And Banwell parish council

Will receive  thatcher’s hefty bill


twas the night after Christmas

And all through the house

The fumes from the hang over

Had finished off the mouse


Poem by Romany Poppit-Price

Poem by Celia Emsworth


Banwell is bright and beautiful !

Especially now with Christmas sparkle.

Bright clear nights 

showing us delights.


Even if Covid is a vicious cycle. Around the village beautiful sights are Plentiful

Banwell is home, so even if alone Christmas is always bountiful.


Will Santa pass our way on Christmas Eve? Should we grieve? will there be music and snow spray? 

We may miss the ducks, so there goes our luck. No pint or a prize on Boxing Day, but there’s plenty of board games to play!


As we settle in our chairs after too much food, give thanks for our lives and for those who didn’t survive.

Commit to resolutions that we strive to see through, so that we won’t be completely screwed. 

Happy 2021 

Poem by Sonia Mitchell


T’was the week before Christmas

Will our shopping be done?

It’s time to leave our confines

And have some good fun!


Let’s make a start and put up the tree

Now we’re getting in the mood!

Order the turkey and plenty of veg

We’re looking forward to our Christmas food.


There’ll be lots of excitement

with young children about

Loud music playing – a colourful float

“Here comes Santa” we hear them shout.


Will we hear the church bells ringing?

“Under the Tower” people singing – even humming

One thing is certain – it won’t be long

Christmas is coming … CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

Poem by Romany Poppit-Price


Dashing through the snow

using my smart car as a sleigh

 over the pot holes we go

 bumping all the way

 theres a dashboard warning light

 giving me a fright

 what terror lies  in-store

 at the supermarket tonight


 Oh jingle bells jingle bells

 Jingle at the tills

 oh what fun it is to queue

 and pay my xmas bill

 jingle bells jingle bells

 jingle in the dark

 I’m so stressed and broke

 iv forgotten where  i park


 The AA  man has arrived

 and we still cant find the car

 We really need a drink

 But theres no one at the bar

 So we started on my gin

 And progressed to the wine

 So it looks like we will be staying

 in the carpark for some time


 oh jingle bells jingle bells

 jingle on the phone

 all i got was the message

 I’m sorry we not home

 oh jingle bells jingle bells

 on whom can i depend

 never mind wev got the food

 and the aa mans now my best friend