Candles in the Dark

Candles in the Dark: Faith, Hope and Love in a Time of Pandemic

This powerful and timely book brings together the 26 weekly Christian meditations originally posted online from March to September 2020, during lockdown in the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the congregation of former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams’ local parish church. Candles in the Dark is a lovely Christian book of comfort for anyone looking for the light in these dark times.

A change has begun
A clearer vision
Staying put
All times belong to him
Fragile trust
We are not alone
Life beyond lockdown
A steady solidarity
At the still centre
We are not God
Keep yourselves from idols
Online communion
The problem with statues
Second nature
Meditative walking
Power to be free
Behind the mask
At home in the world
Liturgy in life
To be born again
The rule of the algorithm
Praying for Jerusalem
Law and order
The presence of the past
Herd mentality