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Mini Church

Mini Church

This is a new ‘family service’ which started in Banwell in July 2016. It is a gathering for younger children and their families. Mini Church is held every second Sunday from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

Venue St Andrew’s Church, Banwell
Age group Generally Key Stage 1 and under (7yrs and under) but older children would be most welcome.
What do they do? A mixture of Christian teaching and fun based activities and worship. There is always music, a story and ‘Show and Tell’
How many attend Numbers vary but on average we have nine children and 13 adults
How long has it been running? Since July 2016
Do they need any equipment or special clothing? Children are encouraged to bring a ‘Show and Tell’ item. The subject of the item for the following month is announced at the service and is also advertised in the Parish News.

20 Nov – Remembering Special People – bring a photo of your special person

11 Dec – Getting ready for a baby – bring something a baby might need

How much does it cost? Nothing but a donation towards refreshments would be gratefully received i.e. crisps, cake and/or sandwiches etc.