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Special Services

Remembrance and Armistice

Remembrance Sunday 2020
Armistice Service from the War Memorial Hall in Congresbury, 2020
Armistice Service from St. Andrew’s, Banwell Churchyard, 2020


Good Friday, 2020
Easter Sunday, Sunrise Service 2020
Easter Sunday


Joint Harvest Service, 2020

All Souls’ Service

Each year, at the beginning of November, the Christian Church keeps All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day as a particular time when we remember all those who have gone before us.  We share a service together, read out the names of everyone people wish to be remembered and light candles for them.  Last year we even went outside, following what they do in South America, and those who wished to, lit candles, put them in jam jars and placed them on their loved one’s graves.  A simple but powerful reminder of the Christian hope that love can overcome even death.  And the whole occasion, as so often, was beautiful.

This year, as with so many things at present, we needed to do things a little differently, but with no less commitment to affection and love.  We held two services, one for each community, which were live-streamed to Facebook and can be seen here.

All Souls’ Service 2020 : A Time of Remembering from St. Andrew’s, Congresbury.
All Souls’ Service 2020 : A Time of Remembering from St. Andrew’s, Banwell.
Mothering Sunday, 2020
Mothering Sunday 2021