All Souls’

All Souls’ 2021

Each year, at the beginning of November, the Christian Church keeps All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day (1st and 2nd of November) as a particular time in the year when we remember all those who have gone before us.  We share a simple service together, read out the names of everyone people wish to be remembered and light candles for them.  The last couple of years (apart from last year of course) we have also gone outside, following what they do in South America, and lit candles and put them in jam jars and placed them on loved one’s graves in the cemetery. 

Last year, the service was both physically in Church and also broadcast online and literally hundreds of people took part.  Each act of love a simple but powerful reminder of the Christian hope and belief that love can overcome even death. 

So this year, we would like to repeat this pattern and offer the services for All Souls’ both on-site in both of our Churches and also live stream them online.

The service for Banwell will be held on Sunday 31st October at 4.00pm, in St Andrew’s Church, Banwell.

The service for Congresbury will be held on Sunday 7th November at 4.00pm, in St. Andrew’s, Congresbury.

Both services will be simulcast to our Facebook page and will be available to view afterwards on this page of our website or on our YouTube channel.

We are pleased to be able to invite individuals and families back in person this year as the current COVID restrictions have eased (our current guidance can be checked here or by visiting, but we are also conscious there are those who are either anxious or who physically are not able to be with us, and so joining on-line (either live or in the form of ‘catch up’ at a time to suit you) is a wonderful way also to engage in this important moment.

Please feel welcome to join us either onsite or online. We would very much like you all to know that we will be thinking and praying for you at this time.  This whole Pandemic has been an especially hard time for so many.

If you wish to have the names of your loved ones remembered, it is very important that you let us know.

There are three options of how to let us know who you wish to have remembered:

By giving us the names of your loved ones, you are also agreeing, under GDPR, to allow us to read their names over the livestream

2020, with the restrictions of COVID-19, we needed to do things a little differently, but with no less commitment to affection and love.  We held two services, one for each community, which were live-streamed to Facebook and can be seen here.

Banwell All Souls’ Service 2020

Congresbury All Souls’ Service 2020