Festivals and other Special Services

Feasts and Festivals

At New Creation, we celebrate the main Christian festivals with a mix of tradition, fun, friendship and worship. Christmas and Easter are the main feasts, however, being a rural area, we also like to mark Harvest as well as other agricultural days.

Season of Remembering

All Souls’ Day is a special day to remember our loved ones and we hold a celebration of love and remembrance in both churches each November.

We also have a long tradition of large commemorative services for Remembrance Day, with parades in both villages and strong ties to the Royal British Legion.

A look at some previous Special Services

Here is a video of some of the special services that have been held across New Creation

Special Services

Remembrance and Armistice

Remembrance Sunday 2020
Armistice Service from the War Memorial Hall in Congresbury, 2020
Armistice Service from St. Andrew’s, Banwell Churchyard, 2020


Good Friday, 2020
Easter Sunday, Sunrise Service 2020
Easter Sunday
Mothering Sunday, 2020
Mothering Sunday 2021