Churches open for Private Prayer

We are happy to report that from today, our churches will be open during the day for private prayer. Our hope is that this brings tangible hope not only to the Christian community, but also to the wider villages as it has been so hard for the doors to be shut as they have been for so long. We kindly ask that those visiting the churches respect the guidelines on social distancing and the safety protocols that have been put in place for the well-being of us all.

Churches Opening for Private Prayer and New Creation Pew News

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister that “Places of Worship” will be open for Private Prayer as from Monday 15th June, we have received various guidance and advice both from the national Church and the local Church in Bath and Wells. 

After a Joint virtual meeting with the Standing Committees of both our Churches on Friday, we are working through things in the hope of being able to open the two Church buildings for personal individual Private Prayer as from Sunday 21st June.  For many, being able to drop into the Church Building and light a candle, have a moment of calm and prayer, and feel the comfort of old familiar surroundings will be important in our journey of realising hope during these times.

Please bear with us, we are trying to do all that we can to make this possible but as you can appreciate there is lots of paperwork and practical things we are needing to sort out in order to make things as safe as possible.

We will try and keep people updated during the week on website and New Creation Facebook Page and there will be a further announcement in New Creation Pew News next weekend.  I would like to thank the Wardens and the Standing Committee for their wiliness and hard work to seek to make this possible.

Our hope is that it brings tangible hope to not only the Christian community but also to the wider community as it has been so hard for the doors to be shut as they have been for so long.

Matt Thomson  

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