Service for Sunday 10th January – The Baptism of Jesus

Bible Readings for Epiphany 1: The Baptism of Jesus:

Click the links that take you straight to the text (CTRL and “Left Click”) if that helps:

Genesis 1:1-5Genesis 1:1-5 NIVUK – The beginning – In the beginning God – Bible Gateway  – the very beginning of the Bible indicating how Baptism is symbolic not just of individual “new birth” but in Jesus’ case a “new birth” of all Creation.

Acts 19:1-7 –  Acts 19:1-7 NIVUK – Paul in Ephesus – While Apollos was at – Bible Gateway – Paul in this passage clearly makes a distinction between “the baptism of John” and “the baptism of Jesus:” one for repentance and knowledge about God, the other to enter into relationship and to share in His life.

Mark 1:4-11Mark 1:4-11 NIVUK – And so John the Baptist appeared in the – Bible Gateway – this short passage is full of imagery and symbolism linking together so many Old Testament passages of hopes and dreams.  At its hear however, is the idea that because “the one who will come after me” (words John himself uses) was the foretold Messiah – the link is that the word “Messiah” technically means “the Anointed One,” the Priest, the one who stands as a ‘bridge’ between the people and God.  Therefore, because Jesus is received into sonship and has the Holy Spirit bestowed upon Him by God, so too have we.

Remarkable.  And we will be looking into what this means today in our worship.

Traditional Hymns and Songs:

  1. “Spirit of God” (The Skye Boat Song):

–   cover version by Spatz auf dem Dach (simple clean female folk solo) with Lyrics: (137) Spirit of God (The Skye Boat Hymn) – Lyric-Video | Spatz auf dem Dach – YouTube

  1. “Will you come and follow me if I but call your name” (The Summons): by John Bell (Iona Community)

–   Cover version by St Michael’s Church, Verwood in Dorset with lyrics: (137) Will you come and follow me – YouTube

3.    “Guide me O Thou great Jehovah” (Cwm Rhondda – Guide me O Thou great Redeemer):

– cover version by the Morriston Orpheus Welsh Male Voice Choir,  very moving and powerful: (137) Cwm Rhondda (Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah) – Côr OrpheusTreforys/ Morriston Orpheus Choir – YouTube

  1. “Come let us sing of a wonderful love”:
  1. “All over the world the Spirit is moving” – cover by Squirrel 24 – version with lyrics. As Dinah says, “Impossible not to feel cheered up by doing a jig, sing, clap along with – singing accompanied by jaunty brass band, great rhythm.”  Link: (137) All Over The World The Spirit Is Moving – YouTube
  2. “It is well with my soul” – great version of this good old Sankey hymn, speaking of accepting God’s love into my life. Fits very well as a musical accompaniment with making the “Covenant Promise.” With lyrics: (137) It Is Well With My Soul – YouTube


  1. “You Say” by Lauren Daigle – now over 190M views – one of the most successful songs not only of the Christian world but of YouTube itself:
  1. “Who am I” originally by Cast Crowns. Speaks of trusting in God’s promise of His love and our willingness then to submit:
  1. “Fix You” originally by Cold Play. Amazing cover by “Fearless Soul” – as good, if not better than the original: (137) Try not to cry when you listen to this cover of FIX YOU by Coldplay – YouTube
  1. “Baptized” Zach Williams, the earthy Country Gospel singer and worship leader, describes what it was like for him to reflect on his experience of baptism: (137) Zach Williams – “Baptized” Rescue Story Tour Live Session – YouTube
  1. “Something in the water” – by Carrie Underwood singing about the change that she went through by discovering a new life in Christ. Lyrics version: (137) Something in the Water- Carrie Underwood (lyrics) – YouTube



  1. There are two good “Sergio and Rhoda” videos about Baptism from a Jewish perspective:
  • The first is from “Yardenit,” the “official Baptism site” for Israel, and gives an indication of how personal and powerful a person’s Baptism can be. Link: (137) Baptized in the Jordan River – YouTube
  • The second is from “Qasr el Yahud,” the most likely historical site of where Jesus was baptised, only recently re-opened after the clearing of mines. Speaks of the layers of Old Testament meaning of why the Baptism of Jesus needed to take place here:  (137) Baptism of Jesus in Jordan River – YouTube

13.           Tabernacle: A third very good video that helps to explain how these two videos and their meaning go together – see “Sergio and Rhoda Tabernacle of Moses Replica in Timna Park,” way down south where Solomon had his copper mines.  Jesus is the High Priest who not only enters the Holy of Holies (beyond the curtain) but who tears the curtain in two so we all can enter the Holy of Holies with Him and so receive sonship and daughtership from God.  See Link: (137) Tabernacle of Moses Replica in Timna Park – YouTube 

  1. “Melody Joy Cloud – her experience with American Idol” remarkable young lady and witness to her faith: (137) MY AMERICAN IDOL EXPERIENCE (w/pictures) – YouTube
  1. “The Chosen” – Episode “The Shepherds” is the Christmas Special that started this worldwide phenomenon. “The Chosen” can be obtained for free, either via YouTube (simply type in “The Chosen” or via an App, which can be downloaded to your Smartphone or Tablet.

Its all very exciting.  Details of how to find “The Shepherds” on YouTube: (127) The Chosen: The Shepherd (Pilot Episode) – YouTube

Service for Sunday 13th December – Third Sunday of Advent

Bible Readings:

Key Bible Reading:

If you would like to look up the reading for yourself – simply click the link:

For John 21:15-22: John 21:15-22 NIVUK – Jesus reinstates Peter – When they had – Bible Gateway

Set Readings for today (Third Sunday of Advent):

Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-end – One of the most “hope filled” and beautiful passages not just of the Old Testament but of the whole Bible.  The chapter begins with words that have become famous because they are quoted word for word by Jesus Himself as the passage of Scripture He chose from the whole of the Old Testament when He was asked to read at the Synagogue in Nazareth.  Not only does it speak a message of God bringing about new life and hope – like summer following winter, it is particularly important to note it is God’s Messiah who will bring this about.  When Jesus then quotes it what is He then saying about Himself when He says, famously, “today, in your hearing these words have been fulfilled.” (Luke 4:14-30)     

1Thessalonians 5:16-24 – Paul is writing his closing comments to his first letter to the little Church in Thessalonica.  What is striking is not just that he asks the congregation to remain faithful against all the odds, it’s the fact that he goes on to say, “The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do this.”  Its wonderful to think, not just in Paul’s day, but also in ours, and in every day, God and Jesus remain faithful to their calling, even when perhaps we fall short.  They are always 24/7 every day, every year, committed to saving and redeeming love.  Perhaps our own faithfulness would have been better encouraged if greater attention had been drawn to such faithfulness rather than some of the fear tactics and the “hell fire and damnation” preaching that has been spoken by ministers and others instead, however well intentioned.              

John 1:6-8, 19-28 – The introduction by John the Gospel author of the great character John the Baptist, the one Christians see as both cousin and forerunner to Jesus.  Interestingly, in Jewish history at the time John was seen as an even bigger deal than Jesus.  Josephus, the first century historian devotes a whole chapter to John and his message whereas he devotes only half a page to Jesus of Nazareth.  Partly, this is because John stood far more starkly as a ‘political’ threat to the establishment, offering an alterative path in open condemnation of the Temple and the Temple authorities, drawing people to believe and hope for an interjection by God Himself to bring His Messiah, in other words a new King to Israel.

Of course, when Jesus comes to fulfil all that John had spoken of, He was to do this in a way Josephus and the rulers of this world did not understand, and have not understood, ever since.  And yet, the ‘Jesus way’ has had the power to call to account and to challenge the power dynamic and status quo of our world more than anything else in the whole of history.  There is a wonderful Chinese saying, “what changes rock most?  Not other rock.  No, water.  It’s just that it takes a very long time.”

Come Lord Jesus and build a new world in our day as we emerge from the painful and very difficult time.


Hymns and Songs for Third Sunday for Advent:


  1. Advent wouldn’t be Advent without the ‘classic’ “O come, O come, Emmanuel” and we are playing it to introduce our service all four Sundays in Advent.



  1. “In the Lord, I’ll be ever thankful” – from the Taize community, an ecumenical international community in Southern France. There are many versions of their songs and chants sung all over the world:


  1. “Servant King” – otherwise known as “From heaven you came” by Graham Kendrick – a powerful classic for focusing on the nature of God and power:


  1. “Hills of the North Rejoice” Songs of Praise version with lyrics: (104) GORTON MONASTERY-HILLS OF NORTH REJOICE – YouTube


  1. “Hark my soul, it is the Lord” picking up the theme of our Bible Reading today from John 21. Thank you Dinah:


  1. “Awake, awake, fling off the night” – a great traditional hymn for Christmas and Epiphany. Here is an organ recital version from All Saints Church, Oystermouth in Swansea.  Sadly, there is yet to be a choral version recorded to YouTube with the words but thank you Dinah for sending this in: (104) Awake Awake Fling Of The Night: All Saints Church Oystermouth Swansea! – YouTube



On the theme of Advent Joy:

  1. “Joy, joy, joy” by Rend Collective. Great lyrics talking about find Advent hope and joy even in the face of a canvas of darkness.  With Lyrics and thanks to Rend Collective for letting all Churches use their material copyright free during this time: (104) “Joy” from Rend Collective (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) – YouTube


  1. “Gaudete” is a 16th cent Christmas Carol set to a folk tune that was made famous in the 70’s by Steeleye Span. This cover version by the 15yr old Lydia Gerrard captured our attention because her was a young lady willing to take something of her background in Church out into the community and sing on an open stage in Westfield Shopping Centre in the heart of London.  Good on her: (104) Lydia Gerrard singing Gaudete by Steeleye Span – YouTube

In case you were wondering what the Lyrics meant:

Gaudete, Gaudete!
Christus et natus
Ex maria virgine,

Rejoice, Rejoice!
Christ is born
Of the virgin Mary,

Tempus ad est gratiae,
Hoc quod optabamus;
Carmina laetitiae,
Devote redamus.

It is now the time of grace
That we have desired;
Let us sing songs of joy,
Let us give devotion.

Deus homo factus est,
Natura mirante;
Mundus renovatus est
A Christo regnante.

God was made man,
And nature marvels;
The world was renewed
By Christ who is King.

Ezechiellis porta
Clausa pertransitur;
Unde lux est orta
Salus invenitur.

The closed gate of Ezekiel
Has been passed through;
From where the light rises
Salvation is found.

Ergo nostra cantio,
Psallat iam in lustro;
Benedicat Domino:
Salus Regi nostro.

Therefore let our assembly now sing,
Sing the Psalms to purify us;
Let it praise the Lord:
Greetings to our King.

Amazing and beautiful lyrics so apt for this time too. Thank you Kirsty for sending these across.

  1. “The Hope of Christmas” by Matthew West which he released in Nov 2020 written specifically this Christmas. Official Video: (104) Matthew West – The Hope of Christmas (Official Music Video) – YouTube


  1. “Joyful, joyful” classic climax to one of the great films capturing the Gospel Hope – “Sister Act 2” with Whoopi Goldberg. Gets everyone’s feet tapping.  Areal feel good moment: (104) Sister Act 2 (Finale) Lauryn Hill – Joyful Joyful With Lyrics (Ft. Whoopi Goldberg) – YouTube


  1. “I am loved” by Mack Brock. Speaking about God’s acceptance and how God’s love and power turn the world’s values and judgements upside down and shows how they are found wanting in comparison to the awesome love of God. Great lyrics: (104) Mack Brock – I Am Loved (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube


  1. “God so loved” – by We the Kingdom. Taking the words of John 3:16 the lyrics speak of God’s liberating love.  Great use of video footage. Sows how we live in such a multi-sensory world and the video also makes such a contribution to worship: (104) We The Kingdom – God So Loved (Lyric Video) – YouTube


  1. “A God like you” by Kirk Franklin. This song was made famous by Michelle Obama who spoke about how she includes this song in her workout Playlist when she gave her autobiographical interview.  Speaks of how God’s love is such a different understanding of what power truly means. Great Lyrics version: (104) Kirk Franklin – A God Like You (Lyric Video) – YouTube



  1. “The Chosen” – Episode 1 – the worldwide phenomenon which is the world crowd funded TV adaptation of the Life of Jesus called “The Chosen.” Series 1 has already been released and funding for Series 2 is just about complete and due to be released over the Christmas period.

“The Chosen” can be obtained for free, either via YouTube (simply type in “The Chosen” or via an App, which can be downloaded to your Smartphone or Tablet.

Its all very exciting.  Details of how to find Episode 1 on YouTube: (92) The Chosen: Complete Episode One – YouTube

Service for Remembrance Sunday

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for Remembrance Day –

Sunday 8th Nov 2020

Bible Readings:

Key Bible Reading:

Isaiah 40:28-31: “They will soar on wings like eagles” – If you would like to look up the reading for yourself – simply click the link:

Set Readings for today (Remembrance Sunday – 3rd before Advent):

Wisdom of Solomon 6:12-16 – The author speaks about the value and availability of Wisdom but one must look to her and seek her.  In the Old Testament is personified in other books such as the Book of Proverbs. In Christian understanding Jesus becomes the face of Wisdom, taking her qualities into himself.  Therefore as we read this passage one could say the same of Jesus as of Wisdom, He is making Himself available, to seek Him is to find not only perfect understanding but love itself.   

1Thessalonians 4:13-end – There is a lot that could be said about this passage.  At one level it can seem somewhat strange to us, what with images of being “caught up in the air.”  It starts off with the great hope – that because God raised Jesus from the dead, then God will raise all the dead including our loved ones.  But this is where the confusion perhaps kicks in.  Paul is not talking about life after death here, in a place we call “heaven.”  As Tom Wright, the New Testament historian and author has stipulated, Paul, and indeed much of the New Testament, talks mainly about “what happens after, what happens to us when we die.”  In other words, to the Bible the emphasis is on a time “after heaven,” what we would perhaps otherwise call “the Second Coming” as detailed in the Book of Revelation Ch 22.  In this understanding, as here in Paul, we die, we go to be with God and Jesus in heaven.  But then will come a day when heaven will come to earth and all things will be made new in Christ, beginning with raising those who are physically dead in Christ to be reborn in Christ on earth, wedding their spiritual bodies in heaven with new ‘resurrected’ physical bodies to live for ever.  And this also includes those, says Paul, who are alive when this time comes – hence the reference to being caught up, and ‘transformed’/resurrected themselves in the air.  This may all sound hugely confusing, but it is what the Bible consistently claims.  What will it look like? How will it work out?  The Bible doesn’t give us a blueprint but its key and important point is that “Love wins,” not just in heaven, “but on earth.”  And everything that points to that is part of what Jesus calls “the Kingdom.”     

Matthew 25:1-13 – Matthew continues the talk about the “Kingdom of heaven.”  Not so much, about what happens when you die, but more about all those moments we all experience each and everyday when we can see the opportunity to love, to forgive, to be kind and we either see them and take them, or we can miss them and complain bitterly that we were away getting oil to get ready to see those moments in the future.  Jesus those who are about love now.  To love, is to love Him.

Hymns and Songs for Remembrance Sunday:


  1. “O God our help in ages past” –Songs of Praise version for Remembrance with lyrics:
  • “O Valiant hearts” – a hymn specific to Remembrance – sung and played here by Gordon Pullin, who used to be organist at Banwell and lead Congresbury Singers, now organist at All Saints, Weston.  Lovely to see his face again:
  • “Guide me O Thou great (Redeemer) Jehovah” (also known as Cwm Rhondda) – lovely version sung by a Welsh Male Voice Choir at the Hospital in Rhondda for “Dementia Week” in 2019.  In my view, how it is meant to be sung, with passion:
  • “All people that on earth do dwell” – Songs of Praise version from the 100th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall with combined choirs, which is sort of apt given the message of the hymn:
  1. “National Anthem” – from St Paul’s Cathedral – Diamond Jubilee Service:

Children and Young People:

  1. “What does a poppy mean?” – wonderful video explaining how a young person approaches Remembrance to share with children and adults everywhere:


  1. “You are my Vision”” by Rend Collective – speaking of a future vision with God at the centre.  Based on the tradition Irish hymn “Be Thou my vision” that has stood the test of time and is as popular today as it has always been (Live Version):
  1. “The Call” (No need to say Goodbye) – by the Poppy Girls – at the Royal Festival of Remembrance:


  1. “80th Anniversary of Battle of Britain” – Flypast of Spitfires and Hurricane:
  1. “Pilot reunited with his Spitfire” – story of a great reunion:
  1. “Story of the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior” – helpful to understand its significance:

Remembrance Sunday (8th Nov) and Armistice (Wed 11th Nov) in Congresbury and Banwell:

As you will appreciate things are going to need to be a little different this year.

There will be a Remembrance Sunday Service in both Villages on Remembrance Sunday:

  • Congresbury at 10.30am
  • Banwell at 3.00pm

Unfortunately, we are not able to have the usual parade by members of the community and by the Uniformed Organisations, and the service will need to be limited to a very small number of invited participants. But we will be Livestreaming both services through the New Creation Facebook Page and also the Love Banwell and Love Congresbury pages.

You can access the Services by watching LIVE via the Facebook pages

Congresbury at 10.30am: –

Banwell at 3pm:-

or catch up later via Facebook, the New Creation website:  or New Creation YouTube Channel :

Armistice Day – Wednesday 11th Nov at 11.00am:

  • Congresbury – we will be livestreaming a short service from outside the War Memorial Hall. Unfortunately, we cannot invite people to join us as this is subject to ‘the rule of six’. We will be gathering at 10.45 and will be livestreaming to both the New Creation and Love Congresbury Facebook Pages.
  • Banwell – there will be a small service outside the Church in the Churchyard at 10.50am led by the British Legion.

Service for the Last Sunday after Trinity

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for 20th Sunday of Trinity –

16th Sunday of Re-opening – A New Church for a New Society:

“Themes in John’s Gospel.”

  • Spirituality – Part B: Sharing the Love like an ever-flowing stream (John 20:1-31)

Sunday 25th Oct 2020

Bible Readings:

Key Bible Reading:

John 20:1-31:  If you would like to look up the reading for yourself – simply click the link:

Set Readings for today (Bible Sunday):

Nehemiah 8:1-4a, 8-12 – The Lost Book, which this passage from Nehemiah refers to is the book we know today as the Book of Deuteronomy, which includes many of the teachings and speeches of Moses.  Basing their life around the Word of God was seen as a great comfort, a great joy, and a great strength as well as a challenge and a sacrifice.

Colossians 3:12-17 –  Paul, in his writing to the little Church in Colossae continues this theme of basing a shared life around the life and teachings of God.  What he adds is to depth and richness that can gained by seeing this engagement less as one of spiritual ‘lessons’ or ‘teachings,’ and more about the engagement and relationship with the person of Jesus – not just in the past but also in the here and now, across time and space, as a ‘living’ reality achieved by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.   

Matthew 24:30-35 – Jesus takes up one of the great titles given by Jews and Greeks to the that which holds all things together – words.  In John’s Gospel, Jesus is described as THE Word, the Word from which all other words flow.  In other words, that/He who was before all words, is in all words, and is the culmination of all words.  In other places Jesus is described as the Alpha and the Omega (the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet), in other words, the first, last, and all letters in between of the whole alphabet and the whole of time.

Hymns and Songs for 20th Sunday after Trinity:


  1. “There is a Hope” – by Stuart Townend, with Lyrics:

– also, an original arrangement and version by Sarah MacLauchlan with lyrics:

During Communion:

Song for the Children:

  1. “Atanikomboa (He will deliver me)” – by Christafari, a Christian Reggae Band, great song to dance to and share in the actions with:


During the Service:

  1. “Help us to love.” – by Tori Kelly:

After the Livestream:

  1. “From now on” – From the Musical “The Greatest Showman”:–

Other songs:

  1. “Give me your eyes” by Brandan Heath: Britain’s Got Talent:
14.         “Your Love Never Fails & Try” – Anthony Skinner & the Immersion Family Band:
  1. “God’s Great Dance Floor” – Chris Tomlin (Live Version at Passion 2013) – great dance song. Turn up the volume and go for it:


  1. From last week, but just as relevant and inspirational for this: “Holiness” – by the Bible Project gives a very good description of Ezek 47 and Rev 22 as a metaphor of God’s great dream of a healed and transformed world:

All Souls’ ‘Service of Remembering’ in Banwell this Sunday

Our annual All Souls’ Service will be held this Sunday, 25th October in Banwell and live streamed to our Facebook page from St. Andrew’s, Banwell at 4pm. It will be available to view on our website shortly afterwards.

If you would still like to add names, please email or phone 07871 513151

Please note that by submitting names this year, you are giving permission for them to appear over the livestream.

If you know someone who would like to attend this service in the physical church building, please do get in touch as we can accommodate a few people in church.

Special Service for Harvest

Recorded live from St. Andrew’s, Banwell and St. Andrew’s, Congresbury on Sunday 11th October.

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for Joint Harvest Festival –

14th Sunday of Re-opening – A New Church for a New Society:

“Joint Harvest Celebration”

( Matt 6:25-34 and “the Canticle of the Creatures” – Francis of Assisi)

Sunday 11th Oct 2020

Bible Readings:

Key Bible Reading:

Matt 6:25-34:  If you would like to look up the reading for yourself – simply click the link:

Set Readings for today:

Isaiah 25:1-9 – This is one of Isaiah’s great speeches, embodying the hope that God will come, in the form of His Messiah, and put things right in the world, lifting up the lowly and humbling the proud.  As Christians this is something we have both seen in Jesus’ first coming but also long to see completed by His second coming.

Philippians 4:1-9 – Paul is giving instructions and seeking to inspire perseverance in the little Philippian Christian community.  He thereby encourages us to do likewise, letting our hearts be filled with thanksgiving, praise and prayer, these change us and how we then see the world.

Matthew 22:1-14 – This is one of the most powerful of Jesus’ parables and has just as much edge for today as it did in former times.  The wedding banquet is the new Kingdom that God is seeking to usher in.  Like the Israelites in the wilderness after the Exile, they/we need to be prepared for that Kingdom.  Those invited first, are those in any age who think they have a ‘right’ to be there – the Jewish elite and religious types in Jesus’ day, those of us who would claim to be ‘faithful’ and go to Church in our own.  But unless we allow our hearts to be changed our clothes remain as they always were.  Wedding clothes are given by the Groom’s Father at a Jewish wedding – will we truly receive and wear the Cross of Jesus?   Only then, are we worthy to enter the wedding banquet.  So often I find, those who don’t think they are worthy are the ones Jesus speaks so favourably of in this parable, and those who think they have somehow got there have much yet to learn.

Hymns and Songs for Harvest Festival:


  1. “Come, ye thankful people, come” Songs of Praise version with Lyrics:
  • “For the fruits of His Creation” version with Lyrics:

Children’s Harvest song:

  1. “Harvest talk for schools” by Rob Waldron (Diocese Rural Affairs Advisor) – great to watch with children about modern farming:

During Communion:

  1. “Sing of the Lord’s goodness” – sung by the Jazz Church:
  2. Songs of Praise version with Lyrics:


So that everyone can share in a full experience of the breadth of the worship life of the Church details of this music is given here:

As the Service begins:

  1. “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin with Lyrics:

After the Livestream:

  1. “Creation sings the Father’s song”” by Keith and Kirsten Getty with Lyrics:

Other songs:

  1. “So will I” – acoustic version of this well-known Bethel Music song by Tori Kelly (we played this a couple weeks ago after the Livestream):
  1. “Psalm 42”– a version “As the Deer” by Tori Kelly with Kirk Franklin on piano:
  1. “Worthy is the Lamb” by Hillsong –


  1. Talk about Harvest by Rob Waldron (Diocese Rural Affairs Advisor):

Film/TV Series

  1. “The Chosen” (TV mini-series) – this is a courageous project to tell the story of Jesus as a TV series.  Financed by crowd funding around the world, it has attracted record viewing numbers in the order of 59 million.  Well worth watching – Series 1 now released.  (You might find you wish to fast forward over the Director/Producer’s quite lengthy introductions at the beginning and reflections at the end.) Available on YouTube and downloadable as an App from the App store to come straight to your phone or tablet.  Episode 1 on YouTube: