Service for Sunday 15th November – Second Sunday before Advent


  1. “Amazing Grace” – a version released only a couple of days ago by Andrea Bocelli and Alison Krauss.  Part of his new album “Believe.” I could not believe how many version of this three hundred year old hymn there actually are.  A true classic:


  1. “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!” – speaking of the joy and freedom of embracing Christ. Songs of Praise version with lyrics:


  1. “Love Divine, all love’s excelling” – continuing the theme of the joy of the relationship we have in Christ. This version with Lyrics from the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey reminds us of a freedom to belong to something (the Commonwealth) rather than simply seeking freedom from things.  A ‘family of friendly nations’ as the Queen calls it:


  1. “You laid aside you majesty” – speaks of the cost of the gift of our freedom, with Lyrics:


  1. “There is a Redeemer” – the thankfulness that comes out of recognising the freedom Jesus has won for us and for the world. Songs of Praise version with Lyrics:



  1. “Go down Moses” – American African spiritual. Sung and played by the great Louis Armstrong:


Children’s songs:

  1. “When the Spirit of the Lord is in my heart” – reminds us of the gift of freedom to sing and to dance. Lovely version by three Catholic sisters with actions:


  1. “The Spirit lives to set us free” – great schools version by a clearly multitalented musical Catholic priest – great to sing along to:


  1. “This little light of mine” – great children’s song (see also Bruce Springsteen’s version later in the list):




Freedom is a really important theme within much modern Church music and song writing, perhaps reflecting our times:

  1. “Freedom is coming”” South African Spiritual by Bee Geesus (song made popular by John Bell and the Iona Community):


11.           “Rescuer” (The Good News) – by Rend Collective.  Speaks of the freedom on offer to the world:


  1. “This is Amazing Grace” – by Phil Wickham:


  1. “This little light of mine” – unusual choice of Bruce Springsteen to close his concert in Dublin in 2006. Here with the Sessions Band.  Full of energy:



  1. DVD “Cry Freedom” – Great account of the story of Steve Biko (a Soweto freedom activist and speaker) and Donald Woods (a South African journalist) who discover a great friendship and affinity in the face of a dark time in South African and world history. Very moving story.  Starring Denzel Washington.  Available from Amazon or to rent on Amazon Prime.

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