New Creation Churches Building Better Community

Social Justice and Eco Church

New Creation is working to set up a new Social Justice and Eco Church group. The group is currently called “Just Living” and aims to address a number of issues, for example – How can Christians be agents of change in our world? What kind of society do we want to see? What does it mean to be a Fairtrade Church? Should we, as individual churches and as New Creation, become Inclusive Churches? And Eco-Churches?  What more can we do to raise awareness of our link with Chililabombwe Parish in Northern Zambia? How do we best help refugees fleeing from tyranny and war?

If you are interested in discussing any of these issues and in challenging unjust political and cultural structures in a positive and Christian way let’s share our ideas and see what happens! For further information please contact Jenny Humphreys on 822052.