New Creation Churches Building Better Community

Mendip Vale Christians Together

We are part of a wider church as Mendip Vale Christians Together (MVCT)  (previously the Local Ministry Group LMG).  This continues to grow as a coming together of sixteen churches, chapels and their communities with a shared vision for the denominations in our local area. By sharing our resources, new initiatives are emerging to spread the love of God.  The communities actively involved include:

Congresbury with Puxton and Hewish; Wrington with Burrington; Butcombe and Redhill; Banwell; Winscombe; Sandford; Churchill and Langford.

The LMG was formed with Churches from the Anglican, Methodist, URC, Baptist and Catholic traditions as part of Locking Deanery’s response to Bishop Peter’s initiative: ‘Changing Lives : Changing Churches for Changing Communities’

A wide geographical area is currently covered by a very limited number of clergy, relying heavily on a strong support network of Readers, Deacons and committed Christians. This number of stipendiary clergy continues to reduce, so as a community we need to change and adapt accordingly. We look at new ways of being a Church: as common ground emerges, denominational boundaries can recede, offering new possibilities of spreading God’s love together.