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Soul Gym

Something relatively new that has come into being is the Discipleship Programme or “Soul Gym.” This provides an opportunity to journey together with one or two other Christians in friendship and trust looking at a variety of things together but offering mutual support and encouragement as often many of us are more happy doing something together rather than always on our own.

We hope to encourage one another in growing ever deeper in our faith and relationship with God and with one another, whatever point we may come from but believing there is always more that we have yet to experience or to discover and that often we ourselves may have an inkling as to what that might be. What we need is someone we can meet with and trust who we can discover and walk into that next step together. Groups meet on the Last Monday of the Month at 1pm in the Refectory at Congresbury and also that evening at 7.30pm in St. Andrew’s School, Congresbury.