The service for Sunday 18th October will take place in St. Andrew’s, Congresbury at 10.30am.

The service will be live-streamed to Facebook simultaneously and will be available here on our website, and on our YouTube Channel soon afterwards.

We are thrilled that our Church Buildings are now open during the week for private prayer and we are able to bring you one service in the Benefice on a Sunday morning at 10.30am. We hope that this offers some hope to our communities in what has been a time of great uncertainty.

We are also offering a short mid-week service in Congresbury on a Wednesday morning at 9am. All are welcome at any of our services.

The ‘rule of six’ does not currently affect public worship and so our services will continue as they have been, with all social distancing and hygiene measures firmly in place.

What does that mean for worship?

During Lockdown we had been posting content online, both here and on our Facebook page, as well as producing downloadable material for worship at home and keeping in touch through conversations. This will continue. We have been greatly encouraged and humbled by the growing online faith community and their willingness to share with us. Not everyone will feel comfortable or able to return to services yet and we want to make sure that we are walking alongside all of those following online.

The Church of England has also provided a wide range of resources for continuing worship at home. These include online services and downloadable resources. More information can be found on their website here.

We will be having one service at 10.30am on a Sunday, alternating between St. Andrew’s, Congresbury and Banwell for the time being, and we will continue to live stream these services simultaneously to the New Creation Facebook page.

The latest service will be available to watch here.

We will also continue to post a short message daily on our Facebook page and available afterwards here. (Click on the New Creation logo at the top of any page to navigate back to our ‘blog posts’ where you will find the daily videos and Bible Readings.)

What will coming to the physical church be like?

Here is a brief list of what a physical Church experience might feel like:

  • Wearing a facemask while in church is mandatory (you may unloop one side to receive communion), there are exceptions for the minister and anyone leading parts of the service and those in the congregations with certain medical conditions, as per government guidelines.
  • People need to arrive, and will need to be admitted by a Warden, keeping two metres apart
  • A 21 Day Register of those attending is required for Test and Trace.
  • Sanitising gel etc will be available
  • People will be directed to their seats and people are asked to seat in ‘households’ of one or more people, two meters apart.
  • Paper Orders of Service are restricted, and so we will be using projector and screen.  We understand some people find it difficult to read from the screen, please speak to a warden if you require a different format.
  • Unfortunately, we are not permitted to share in congregational singing for the time being but there will be music in various forms as part of the service, as well as a wider song list available online to continue your worship throughout the week.
  • Holy Communion will be a part of the Service but will be optional for those who wish to receive it.  Communion will be in the form of Bread only at present.
  • Children and young people are very much welcome at the service.  However, the Children’s Corner itself in both Churches needs to be closed at the moment.  If you could bring some activity for your young person with you that would be very much appreciated.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer refreshments and anyone wishing to socialise outside after the service must adhere to ‘the rule of six’.
  • The service is expected to last for approximately fifty minutes, and we will be joined throughout by those Online.
  • By coming to the service, you are consenting that your image may appear online.

For those following us online, we have a short example of an Agape Feast to download, if that is something that you would like to take part in at home.

What about Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals?

We are pleased to announce that due to the easing of restrictions, these services can now take place in church, however, unfortunately to comply with the rules on social distancing, there are still some restrictions in place. We would be very happy to speak with you about these important family events.

Weddings, wedding blessings and renewals of vows may now take place but with restrictions on the number of guests, currently capped at 15. Special licences may also be required as Banns may not be able to be read. Please get in touch for further advice and we will be happy to help you.

Funerals can now take place in church as well as at the graveside or Crematorium, however there are still restrictions as to who can attend and the number of mourners, currently 30, to adhere to social distancing and public health advice for those more vulnerable. Your funeral director and minister will be able to advise you of this further.

Baptisms can now take place, provided appropriate criteria for minimising risk are met and Baptisms outside of the Sunday morning service are subject to ‘the rule of six’. Emergency baptisms can also take place at home or in hospital.

For more information about Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals, please email or

For detailed guidance from the Church of England, see their Coronovirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Churches and FAQ page on or click here.