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Love Banwell and Love Congresbury had already been working collaboratively with other organisations towards a multi-agency approach to social prescribing. Under the current climate this network has now become invaluable with Love Banwell and Love Congresbury working closely with Parish Councils and other agencies, under the North Somerset Council ‘Together’ initiative, to target help within our communities.

Love Banwell

Under Banwell Parish Council, Love Banwell and the Community Bus have joined together to help the residents of Banwell by splitting the village into 24 areas, each with their own coordinator, with volunteers to help people in emergencies for collecting food and medicines or just to have a friendly chat on a phone call.

Also in Banwell people can look on www.banwellparishcouncil.org.uk click on the coronavirus tab to find information and local takeaway/deliveries businesses in the area

Love Congresbury

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Love Congresbury is working with the Parish Council, Village Agent and local Doctor’s Surgery, acting as an umbrella organisation to coordinate aid and support to villagers, liaising directly with North Somerset Council.

If anyone is in need of help or support at this time, please contact COVID aid support coordinator Kirsty Bowles on 07871 513151.

The Coop in Congresbury Precinct, Welcome, is taking telephone and email orders and offering a concierge service, where they shop for you, you just collect and pay in store or a home delivery during the period of isolation. If possible they recommend ordering by email as their phone-lines are very busy.

To contact them Order by phone – 01934 838 020 or by email congresburywel@gmail.com

Foodbank Donations


Banwell Parish Council and Banwell Primary School, have an outpost of Weston Foodbank in Banwell for any members of the Parish in need of its services.

Contact : Jo Arnold

Phone: 01934 822 498

Email: jo.arnold@banwellprimary.co.uk. Donations can also be made at the above times. Please ring Jo in advance.


Donations can be placed in the box in the porch of St. Andrew’s Church or 17 Paul’s Causeway, Congresbury or check the Love Congresbury Facebook page for updated information.

Contact Us

For more information, to request help or to volunteer please contact the Facebook pages or email Kirsty.