Love Banwell

Love Banwell

Ordinarily, Love Banwell works with other organisations to support the village with fundraising, events and community engagement, however, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has become part of the relief infrastructure for the village of Banwell.

Working closely with the Parish Council and other community organisations, Love Banwell aims to help support Banwell during this time.

Under the organisation of Banwell Parish Council, Love Banwell and the Community Bus have joined together to help the residents of Banwell by splitting the village into 24 areas, each with their own coordinator, with volunteers to help people in emergencies for collecting food and medicines or just to have a friendly chat on a phone call.

Also in Banwell people can look on, click on the coronavirus tab to find information and details of local takeaway/deliveries businesses in the area.

To volunteer or to help in Banwell, please email or