Journey to the Manger

Looking at the Story of Christmas in greater depth by exploring a recent book by Paula Gooder called, “Journey to the Manger.”  Some of you may remember Paula as someone who came and led a most successful Church weekend at Brunel Manor, in Devon a few years ago.  Paula is now at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.  She is a very engaging writer and speaker, and we look forward to sharing the Christmas story through her eyes and through Scripture.

Week 1 : The Genealogies of Matthew and Luke

Biblical Text: Matthew 1: 1-17

Three Lots of Fourteen
Four Women

Biblical Text: Luke 3: 23-38

Journeying Backwards, Journeying Onward
Jesus – Both Priest and King

Week 2 : The Genealogy of John

Biblical Text: John 1: 1-18

Genesis Again
Light and Darkness
The Seven Signs of Jesus
The Intimacy of Father and Son
The Word

Week 3: The Prophecy of John’s Birth

Biblical Text: Luke 1: 5-25

An Old, Old Story: Abraham and Sarah
An Old, Old Story: Samson and Samuel
An Old, Old Story: Elijah
A Priest Named Zechariah
John’s Life Will Not Be an Easy One