Church, as we knew it, has changed rapidly over the last few months. In response to the lockdown, we created Church@Home. 

While it is now possible for us to meet together in our places of worship, we understand that this is not right for everyone and we are all adjusting to our ‘new normal’.

Now we are trying to run church@Home as well as worship in physical church building as a form of ‘Hybrid Church’.

Downloadable resources for use at home, as well as links to videos will be posted here for those at home to feel as connected as those who attend the physical church.

You can also keep up to date by following our Facebook page where we will be posting a daily video blog and streaming live services. These will also be available on our website ‘Home’ page (just click the New Creation logo in the top image banner to return to this page or click here) or on our YouTube Channel.

If you are new to New Creation and would like to get involved with our Church@Home, you are very welcome. Please drop us an email at and we would be happy to give you resources to participate in worship with us.