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Exterior and Churchyard

It is possible to see most of the architectural features of the exterior simply by following the footpath around the West end of the Church.

The Tower
The fifteenth century Tower is one of the few in this area surmounted by a spire. The spire is decorated with a band, and the whole structure rises some 120 feet. It is topped by a gilded cock weather-vane, the design of which recalls Peter’s denials of Christ, “before the cock crows twice, you will deny Me three times. ”

The South Porch
On the East side of the outer doorway are the remains of ancient scratch dials (or mass Dials), a particular clear example being about halfway up the edge of the doorway.

These lines were used to indicate the hours of observance of the church services before the days of clocks. They are probably very early; nay may date from the building of the Porch in the thirteenth century. Parts of another scratch dial can be seen on the South-facing buttress to the East of the South Porch