Live Service this Sunday

Party in the Wilderness

Live this Sunday 10th May at 10.30am

This Bank Holiday weekend is about a time of celebration – and hopefully you have found some way to share in this, from the most simple to the most grand.  Partying is important to God – heaven, after all, is described on more than one occasion in the Bible as a ‘wedding banquet.’

At the same time, we’re in the midst of Lockdown and therefore not able to celebrate with the freedom we would have wished.  But we look forward to a time when we can.  This theme of now, and not yet is also a very theme for the people of God through biblical history, characterised best perhaps in the great story of the “feeding of the Five Thousand.”

So, we’re going to have a ‘virtual’ “Picnic on a Hillside” this Sunday (10th May).  For this you will need:

  • A Candle – as always – for our Easter light
  • Something red, white and blue – could be bunting, could be a coloured in Poster (see the New Creation website or Facebook page), could be a scarf or Union Flag 
  • Some Flat or Unleavened Bread – could be Pitta Bread, a Cream Cracker, some Matzo, or Kirsty will kindly put up a recipe making your own Matzo Bread at home (very simple).
  • Some Fish (of fish substitute) – not everyone likes fish, especially at 10.30 in the morning – but try and think creatively what you might use as an alternative, veggie or otherwise.
  • Something to drink – Squash, Ribena, a glass of wine, or good old water.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday. Much Love, Matt.

Rule of Life in Lockdown starts tomorrow at 7.30pm

*NEW* Tomorrow night (Wednesday 6th May) at 7.30pm why not join us for a new study session led by Howard – ‘Rule of life in Lockdown’ – looking at 1 Thessalonians.

To join in you need to download Chrome onto your computer. Download Google Chrome here: and then visit Howard’s Life Size room at 7.30 on Wednesday.

To further prepare, if you find time, please read 1 Thessalonians in advance and there are more resources available – just get in touch.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow.

Iona Trip 2021

Need something to look forward to? Why not plan something special for next Summer?!

Iona Abbey

Helen Jenkins (from St Andrew’s, Congresbury) some time ago put forward the idea of going back to Iona for a pilgrimage week.  We were fortunate to get a booking at Bishop’s House (the Church of Scotland Retreat House) at the end of August 2021 (once the midges have gone).  About half the places are now taken but we need to decide whether to open it up to more than just people from our Churches.  So why not take a look at the information and maybe think about coming along.  It promises to be a very special time and you’d be very welcome.  Matt.

Download the leaflet here to read all about it and there’s a place to register your interest, or just get in touch

Cameras at the ready….

What images are giving you hope during the lockdown?

Some of you have kindly sent in Pictures of Hope that have spoken to you as we have journeyed through this time together: this a picture of a Peacock Butterfly that came to join Matt for prayers in the Prayer Garden.

If you’d like to send in any similar pictures, we would love to put a “Photo Gallery” section together on the website.  All we need is a copy of the photo or picture – this can be emailed to Kirsty at plus a little explanation as to what it is and why it gives you hope.  We can then share these with one another. 

Painted Eggs for Easter
Easter Cross in Daisies

Live Stream this Sunday at 10.30am

“Jesus the Good Shepherd”

Thank you for all the comments about the Agape Service we shared last week.  For this week’s service you will need:

  • A Candle – for our Easter light
  • Something Woollen – a jumper, a scarf (or perhaps some item of clothing that you are especially fond of, like wearing, or just feel comfortable in)
  • Something Wooden – a piece of wood, or something made of wood – a kitchen spoon or spatula, whatever.
  • And a Glass of Water (a favourite drink) or something nice to eat.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday (3rd May) at 10.30am.

If you’ve not joined in before, its very simple and you DON’T need to be a Facebook user.  Go on the New Creation website, click “Church@Home” and then “Worship@Home” and there you’ll find a link  “Click Here” that takes you as a guest to the New Creation Facebook Page – scroll down to the “videos” section.  

If you would like help in maybe having a go at this for the first time, or if you have any technical difficulties, just send Kirsty an email on or phone 07871 513151.

Thanks. Matt

Rule of Life for Lockdown

A message from Howard:-

Call for People who want to Create A Rule of Life for Lockdown 

If anyone in New Creation Churches and further afield is interested in exploring how to create a Rule of Life amidst the restrictions of Lockdown, please join me in weekly conversation over the period of weeks before restrictions are lifted.

Matt and I (and the PCCs) wish to offer a virtual home group online that starts with Bible Study (looking at  1 Thessalonians when the early Church worked out how to live in a time of lock down and persecution), goes on to consider our daily living and then works towards establishing a Communal Rule of Life.

If this takes off, we will look at the insights of the Celtic saints and begin to build a Communal Rule (The Rule of St Congar?) that considers how we build habits of worship, service and mission. Who knows, we might emerge from lockdown with greater balance than before.

If this sounds something that you’d like to be a part of, it will mean prioritising an hour each week from 7.30-8.30pm. You will need a computer to get on line (for Zoom or LifeSize), a Bible and a desire to change.

The next question is the evening (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday). Please e-mail me on and I’ll gather interest and identify the best date. Ideally we’d start the week beginning 11 May (if this has wider traction).

Howard Worsley (07528 565 600) 28 April