Sunday’s Talk to Download

Hi all. Matt has very kindly attached notes to the PowerPoint slides that he used on Sunday morning so that we can all read over them in our own time.

Click here to access our Facebook group Church@Home where you will find the downloadable file.

We hope you find this helpful. Love to all. 


*UPDATE* Facemasks will become mandatory in Churches from 8th August.

IMPORTANT UPDATE on the opening of Church Buildings for Worship and Occasional Offices – FOLLOWING THE GOVERNMENT’S ANNOUNCEMENT FRIDAY 31st JULY –

As from Sunday 8th August we have been advised that all those attending physical Church WILL NEED TO WEAR A FACEMASK OR FACECOVERING while in the Building or socially “Catching Up” afterwards.

This is to help protect others and the wearers themselves and is part of the Government’s strategy to try and minimise the possibility of spreading infection.

Thank you all for your understanding.


New Creation YouTube Channel

We have been using our New Creation Churches YouTube Channel to produce the music videos of Liz and the boys over lockdown, but are now pleased to announce that our channel is live to view and subscribe.

We will be adding more content, but the new daily blogs based on ’40 Days with the Celtic Saints’ are now available to view there and hopefully the live streams will soon be uploaded.

Click on the link below to find our channel.