Live Stream 10.30am Sunday 24th May – Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

This week we are going to be looking at the Lord’s Prayer, and also praying for God’s blessing upon our homes, our communities and upon the whole of Creation.

We are engaging in this as part of the Archbishop’s initiative called, “Thy Kingdom Come.”  ALL YOU WILL NEED for our Sunday “Live Stream” service, apart from yourselves, is a willingness to look again at the Lord’s Prayer and Prayer in general.

Afterwards, why not join us for a ‘virtual’ Coffee and a catch up?  We shared the first of these on Ascension Day, and it was lovely to see people, int heir own homes and across the communities.

So look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


To join the virtual coffee morning:-

From a computer – click here.

From a mobile device, you must first download the zoom app to your tablet or smart phone from the App Store or Google Play, it is free to download and simple to use. Then you can click the above link to enter the meeting room. Any problems – get in touch. 07871 513151

Catch up after the Ascension Day Live Service

Hi everyone. If you would like to join us for a post-Ascension Day Service Coffee and catch-up, please use the details below.

If you do not already have Zoom but would like to join, just visit and create a profile. Or if using a mobile device, download the Zoom app from the App store or Google Play.

To join the Zoom Meeting please click on the link below and follow the onscreen instructions.

Meeting ID: 214 838 8801

Password: 342103

Join us for a special Live Stream on Ascension Day

Join us for a SPECIAL “Live Stream” Service – Ascension Day (Thurs 21st May at 10.30am) – Live from Cadbury Hill, Congresbury:

Fort with a view © Neil Owen :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

The Ascension of Jesus into heaven, is one of those festivals of the Church that waned somewhat in more recent years.  That is until we started going up Cadbury Hill, first thing on Ascension Day morning – looking down over Congresbury and out to Banwell and praying for our communities, the Churches and breaking Bread together.  It probably had nothing to do with the Full Cooked English Breakfast and glass of bubbly that followed at “Heathers Coffee Shop” after.

So, this year, undeterred, we are going to share an Agape meal again together, as we did the First Sunday after Easter.  To celebrate an Agape on Ascension Day, you will need:

  • Some Bread – this can be an ordinary bread around the house, or you may want to make some, pitta bread, roll, loaf, gluten free – great activity to do with others.
  • Some grapes or fruit of some kind – whatever you have to hand.
  • A glass of your favourite drink or a cup of water.
St Andrews - A Church Near You

You may even want to organise some elevenses for afterwards.

Hope you can make it!  Matt

Update on Church Buildings opening:

You may have picked up from the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday (11th May) that Places of Worship are being included in a phase of opening, scheduled for Sat 4th July.  Obviously, this is very tentative at present, and there will, no doubt, be lots of conditions and restrictions, but for many of you who love our two churches, something to aim for and look forward to.


Live Stream this Sunday

This week ALL YOU NEED for our Sunday “Live Stream” service, apart from yourselves, is a Bible.

If you don’t have one at home, or access to one on your phone, don’t worry.  Simply look up the following passage at  – that way you can print off a copy for each person from your household who is joining you.

This week we are going to be looking at Luke 24:36-53 as a simple Bible Study together. Its Luke’s account of the time between the first Easter evening and Ascension, and one that is often overlooked, which is a shame as it has much to offer us.

So look forward to seeing you, Bible in hand, this Sunday.