Live Stream service for the Sunday between Ascension and Pentecost

Thy Kingdom Come – Day 3

Click here to watch the service that was streamed live on Sunday 24th May

Links to songs/hymns and videos

“Thy Kingdom Come: Thankfulness as a way into Prayer”

Bible Readings:

Key text:    1John 4:9-10,19

Other readings:

  • Matt 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4 – Lord’s Prayer
  • Exodus 4:18-23 – God as Father – Moses
  • Isaiah 55:1-13 – Isaiah’s great poem of God’s covenant love
  • Matt 26:36-42 – Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Isaiah 25:4-8 – Isaiah’s dream of the Messianic Banquet
    • See Jesus’ fulfilment of this in:
      • Feeding of the Five Thousand
      • Eating with Tax Collectors and Sinners
      • Eating at Zaccheus’ house
      • Parable of the Great Banquet in Luke 14:15-24

Set Readings for today:

Acts 1:6-14

1Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11

John 17:1-11

Hymns and Songs for Ascension:

Hopefully, something for everyone…


  1. “O Love that wilt not let me go” –

Reflection Music:

“Your Kingdom Come” – by Pete James – based on the Lord’s Prayer –

Modern Music:


  1. Wonderful testimony to Prayer in Action – the AND of the Messianic Banquet – “From Bronx to Bradford: Friars on a Mission” – the story of the Community of Franciscan Renewal in Bradford by the BBC –


  1. “Surprised by Hope” – by Tom Wright – this is his popular version of his seminal exploration of Resurrection and its implications.

Live Stream 10.30am Sunday 24th May – Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

This week we are going to be looking at the Lord’s Prayer, and also praying for God’s blessing upon our homes, our communities and upon the whole of Creation.

We are engaging in this as part of the Archbishop’s initiative called, “Thy Kingdom Come.”  ALL YOU WILL NEED for our Sunday “Live Stream” service, apart from yourselves, is a willingness to look again at the Lord’s Prayer and Prayer in general.

Afterwards, why not join us for a ‘virtual’ Coffee and a catch up?  We shared the first of these on Ascension Day, and it was lovely to see people, int heir own homes and across the communities.

So look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


To join the virtual coffee morning:-

From a computer – click here.

From a mobile device, you must first download the zoom app to your tablet or smart phone from the App Store or Google Play, it is free to download and simple to use. Then you can click the above link to enter the meeting room. Any problems – get in touch. 07871 513151

Ascension Day Live Service

Click here to see the service for Ascension Day that was live streamed from Cadbury Hill.

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for Ascension Day –

“A Day of Celebration: Seeing from God’s perspective:”
Bible Readings:
Set Readings for today:
Acts 1:1-11 – main story of the Ascension

Supporting texts:
Daniel 7:9-14
Ephesians 1:15-end
Luke 24:44-end.

Hymns and Songs for Ascension:
Hopefully, something for everyone…
1. “Crown Him with many Crowns” – Songs of Praise –

2. “All hail the power of Jesus’ name” – Songs of Praise

3. “Hail the day that sees Him rise” – Charles Wesley –

4. “At the name of Jesus” – Songs of Praise special –

Classics from the 80’s and 90’s:
5. “Lord, I lift your name on high” –

6. “Shine, Jesus Shine” – Graham Kendrick – Songs of Praise –

– Also Live version of Graham Kendrick singing at Greenbelt 2013 –…

7. “Our God is an awesome God, He reigns” –

Modern Music:
8. “What a beautiful name it is” – Hillsong –

9. “King of Kings” – Hillsong –

10. “The Blessing” – this has been an amazing and wonderful phenomenon during this Lockdown with Christian artists and Choirs coming together across many nations of the world to ask God to bless their communities.

My favourite is from Zimbabwe because of the diversity of language and dialect, and that wonderful African spirit:

Blessing for the UK:

11. This may seem strange – but is a Jewish lady’s personal testimony to her own experience of heaven and of Jesus being at heaven’s very centre. It led to her conversion to Christianity –

12. Tom Wright – talking about how, from very early on in Christianity, the only way to describe the enormity of who Jesus was and is (Ascension), is to see Him as part of who God is Himself – shows so much of the Biblical roots which are right there in the Old Testament –

13. “Surprised by Hope” – by Tom Wright – this is his popular version of his seminal exploration of Resurrection and its implications.

Catch up after the Ascension Day Live Service

Hi everyone. If you would like to join us for a post-Ascension Day Service Coffee and catch-up, please use the details below.

If you do not already have Zoom but would like to join, just visit and create a profile. Or if using a mobile device, download the Zoom app from the App store or Google Play.

To join the Zoom Meeting please click on the link below and follow the onscreen instructions.

Meeting ID: 214 838 8801

Password: 342103

Join us for a special Live Stream on Ascension Day

Join us for a SPECIAL “Live Stream” Service – Ascension Day (Thurs 21st May at 10.30am) – Live from Cadbury Hill, Congresbury:

Fort with a view © Neil Owen :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

The Ascension of Jesus into heaven, is one of those festivals of the Church that waned somewhat in more recent years.  That is until we started going up Cadbury Hill, first thing on Ascension Day morning – looking down over Congresbury and out to Banwell and praying for our communities, the Churches and breaking Bread together.  It probably had nothing to do with the Full Cooked English Breakfast and glass of bubbly that followed at “Heathers Coffee Shop” after.

So, this year, undeterred, we are going to share an Agape meal again together, as we did the First Sunday after Easter.  To celebrate an Agape on Ascension Day, you will need:

  • Some Bread – this can be an ordinary bread around the house, or you may want to make some, pitta bread, roll, loaf, gluten free – great activity to do with others.
  • Some grapes or fruit of some kind – whatever you have to hand.
  • A glass of your favourite drink or a cup of water.
St Andrews - A Church Near You

You may even want to organise some elevenses for afterwards.

Hope you can make it!  Matt

Live Stream for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

Click here to see the service that was streamed live on 17th May, the sixth Sunday after Easter.

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for 6th Sunday of Easter –

“Resurrection Hope” –

A Bible Study on the Importance of the Resurrection:

Bible Readings:

Luke’s Story of the First Easter – Luke 24:36-53

God’s Big Idea for the future of the world – Revelation 21:1-7 – Heaven coming to Earth – ‘the New Jerusalem’

Paul’s detailed understanding of what the Resurrection body looks like – 1Cor 15 – the whole chapter [although verses 42-49 are the key bit].

Set Readings for today:

Acts 17:22-31

1Peter 3:13-end

John 14:15-21.

Hymns and Songs:

Hopefully, something for everyone…


  1. “And can it be, that I should Gain” – Charles Wesley –


“Baba Yetu” – is a version of the Lord’s Prayer composed by Christopher Tin in Swahili – awesome

  • A version with English Subtitles:
  • My Favourite, because of the colour and vibrancy, is by the Stellenbosch University Choir (once such stronghold of Dutch Afrikans) – brilliant testimony to healing and God’s vision for the world –

Modern Music:


  • For a very personal take on what the resurrection means to him – see Tom Wright talking about the death of his father (its also one of the more accessible of his videos) –
  • And if you want to go more into depth – and really get to grips with some of his seminal work on the subject of Resurrection – see the Lecture at Baylers Truett Seminary ( 1hr 20 mins – well worth a watch) –
  1. Background – 8min Summary video on the most recent findings re the Turin Shroud/ Resurrection Cloth of Jesus – v interesting –


  1. “Surprised by Hope” – by Tom Wright – this is his popular version of his seminal exploration of Resurrection and its implications.
  1. “Resurrection of the Son of God” – N T Wright – this is the Big One (runs to 860 pages) – Tom Wright’s now classic analysis of the Resurrection accounts and what it means – “hard going but worth every moment.”


  1. “The Case for Christ” – very good true account of a sceptic Journalist – Lee Stobel looking into the events of the Resurrection because his wife becomes a Christian.  It changes his whole life.  Available on DVD, and also on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Well worth a watch.

Live Stream this Sunday

This week ALL YOU NEED for our Sunday “Live Stream” service, apart from yourselves, is a Bible.

If you don’t have one at home, or access to one on your phone, don’t worry.  Simply look up the following passage at  – that way you can print off a copy for each person from your household who is joining you.

This week we are going to be looking at Luke 24:36-53 as a simple Bible Study together. Its Luke’s account of the time between the first Easter evening and Ascension, and one that is often overlooked, which is a shame as it has much to offer us.

So look forward to seeing you, Bible in hand, this Sunday.


Live Stream 10th May

Click here to view the service that was live streamed on Sunday 10th May.

Hymns, Songs, Readings and other links for 5th Sunday of Easter –

“Party in the Wilderness” –

part of the VE Day celebration weekend:

Bible Readings:

The Feeding of the Five Thousand Story – John 6:1-13

The Manna from Heaven – part of the Exodus Story – Exodus 16:1-36

The Parable of the Great Wedding Banquet – Matthew 22:1-14

The Wedding at Cana in Galilee – John 2:1-11

Set Readings for today:

Acts 7:55-end

1Peter 2:2-10

John 14:1-14.

Hymns and Songs:

Hopefully, something for everyone…


  1. Bread – God with Us – “Guide me, O thou great Jehovah” (Bread of Heaven) – Songs of Praise –


TRY AND WATCH THIS IF YOU CAN – even if you play no other:

The UK Blessing — Churches sing ‘The Blessing’ over the UK –

Modern Music:


  • The Queen’s VE Day Address ‘Never give up’ – VE Day 75 – BBC –
  1. Rend Collective – “The art of celebration: the story” – The importance of Joy –


  1. “40 Days with Jesus” by Dave Smith (looks in daily detail at the Resurrection stories).   Can be got from Eden or Amazon websites, or on Amazon Kindle ebook Reader

Live Service this Sunday

Party in the Wilderness

Live this Sunday 10th May at 10.30am

This Bank Holiday weekend is about a time of celebration – and hopefully you have found some way to share in this, from the most simple to the most grand.  Partying is important to God – heaven, after all, is described on more than one occasion in the Bible as a ‘wedding banquet.’

At the same time, we’re in the midst of Lockdown and therefore not able to celebrate with the freedom we would have wished.  But we look forward to a time when we can.  This theme of now, and not yet is also a very theme for the people of God through biblical history, characterised best perhaps in the great story of the “feeding of the Five Thousand.”

So, we’re going to have a ‘virtual’ “Picnic on a Hillside” this Sunday (10th May).  For this you will need:

  • A Candle – as always – for our Easter light
  • Something red, white and blue – could be bunting, could be a coloured in Poster (see the New Creation website or Facebook page), could be a scarf or Union Flag 
  • Some Flat or Unleavened Bread – could be Pitta Bread, a Cream Cracker, some Matzo, or Kirsty will kindly put up a recipe making your own Matzo Bread at home (very simple).
  • Some Fish (of fish substitute) – not everyone likes fish, especially at 10.30 in the morning – but try and think creatively what you might use as an alternative, veggie or otherwise.
  • Something to drink – Squash, Ribena, a glass of wine, or good old water.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday. Much Love, Matt.